There’s no better way to find your own wholesale deals, flips, and rentals than by copying the folks who have successfully gone before you. One of our clients just sent us this AWESOME review about how they closed on two Brrrr deals, a flip, and a wholetale property from one campaign. 

Let’s take a look at how they did it!

The Market Is On Fire

It’s no secret that real estate is in high demand and housing is at an all-time shortage. Properites are selling fast, for above asking price, and bidding wars have become normal.

If you’re an investor finding your own deals without overpaying for JUNK is darn near impossible on the MLS in most major metros. 

Our clients are CLEANING up by going direct to property owners before their property hits the MLS. 

Allow us to show you how they’re doing it. 

Step One: Decide where you want to market

If you’re looking for rentals or flips market to the kind of properties that you’re looking to purchase. If you’re looking to wholesale houses market to the hottest wholesale zipcodes like we outline in the video below.

Step Two: Pull your mailing lists

If you don’t have a Listsource or Propstream account we can pull mailing lists like absentee owners with equity, seniors, unknown equity, and more for you! We charge $0.10 a record. If you would rather pull your own list through listsource you can pull the same list Michael used by following the tutorials below. We included both a Listsource example and a Propstream example. 

If the above seems too intimidating we can walk you through pulling your lists and placing an order for free on the phone. You can pick a time that works for you by clicking the schedule button. 

Step Three: Place your order

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