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1 letter. 1 land deal. $100k

Investor Spotlight   Issue #11 Featuring Michael D.- Washington   Wholesaler “accidentally’ makes $100k”   Michael DeHaan started his off-market business in February of 2020. At the onset, it was just Mike and his business partner. Fast forward and they now have four separate markets and a staff of eight.

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$93K in 32 days—1 seller. 2 deals

Investor Spotlight Issue #10:  Featuring Brad K. – Utah Creating Wealth with Live-In Flips Brad Kroepfl started real estate investing in 2021 with his wife. It’s a side hustle—apart from his many active businesses and careers in sales, powersports, and consulting. His goal in real estate is to create enough

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Finding Gold in “Hood Beaters”

Investor Spotlight Issue #9:  Featuring Dylan T. – Harrisburg full Time Investor about to close $88k deal Dylan Thomas has been investing since 2019 and now he’s a full time investor with a VA and a lead manager on staff. He does a combination of wholesaling, rehabbing, and buy-and-hold. He

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The Concrete Marketing Strategy… For Every Budget

How to make marketing work   Marketing isn’t a one-off, action item; it’s not something you do when you “feel like it” or when you’re desperate for deals. For a deal-turning machine (regardless of your budget), you need a consistent plan. Our most successful clients have a marketing system. And

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16-Pad Mobile Home Park With 97% ROI

Investor Spotlight Issue #8:  Featuring Sam B. – Virginia Wholesaling & Flipping to cash flow Sam Barr is a man of all trades. He flips, he wholesales, and he buys and holds cash flow. The only reason why he wholesales/flips, is so he can buy more multi-family units, mobile home

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Failed MLS Listing Pulls 57% ROI

Investor Spotlight Issue #7:  Featuring Scot P. Short Term Rental From Expired Listings Scot Poore is mainly a buy-and-hold investor who operates solo (although he’s looking into hiring a part-time admin VA so he doesn’t lose his mind!). He rehabs and flips to gain the income he needs to buy

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From Harlem Globetrotter… To Wholesaler & Apartment Investor

Investor Spotlight Issue #6:  Featuring Lili T. – Tulsa First $2 Million Apartment Bought with $21,000 Here’s a homerun deal from an amazing person, who reached out to us. Her name is Lili Thompson, and she’s a wholesaler and investor (as well as a Harlem Globetrotter. Read more about it

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$15k wholetail in 2 days using HML

Investor Spotlight Issue #5:  Featuring Tyler W. – Ohio Who knew being Local w/ online reviews helps!! Tyler Wehrung is a very ACTIVE client with Ballpoint Marketing. And it’s no coincidence that he has a thriving wholesaling business as well. His secret: Consistency. About Tyler’s:  Tyler’s been in RE for

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30% ROI, Two 4-plexes…. all via email

Investor Spotlight Issue #4:  Featuring Brock A. – Wisconsin 1 mailer, A few emails… half a million later. Brock Agamaite is mainly a buy-and-hold investor in the Northeast WI market. He started his portfolio in 2021 with a few on-market deals and a few off-market deals he grabbed via cold

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