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Handwritten mail for real estate investors

Handwritten Mail For Real Estate Investors How to earn 1%-2% response rates consistently… using handwritten mail (the right way). 10 years ago, the yellow letter was it. It was the most talked-about method to finding motivated sellers. But today things are different. The MLS is crowded, so deals are slimmer.

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Ryan Dossey

First Time Sending BPM?

We send millions of pieces of mail every single year and want to do everything we can to ensure that your campaign is a success. Whether this is your first mail drop or your 50th we’ve got a few pointers for you. Match Your Message To Your Prospects Real estate

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Case Study
Justin Dossey

Post Cards Vs. Ballpoint Mail

Time and time again we find that full-color letters in ink decimate the cheap or misleading competition. While the cost-per-piece is higher, the KPI’s that matter show an increased profitability utilizing BPM.

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