5 tips for better REI marketing in 2022

Fish for leads, not deals —

Marketing isn’t about getting the deal. It’s about buying leads. When you’re cold calling, texting, mailing, etc., the goal is to find sellers… not make a deal. The “sale” you have to first make is getting someone to raise their hand to what you’re offering. That’s marketing. Then the second “sale” is getting the appointment, etc., etc.

Those that can spend more on marketing, win —

I’m not talking about inheriting a bunch of money, or having investors ready to drop millions (contrary to what you think, you’d actually be at a disadvantage if you had that kind of money – go ahead and reply back and I can tell you why) … I’m talking about the profit you make per deal. A wholesaler who on average makes only $7,000 per deal is at a BIG disadvantage. They’re limited in the number of marketing mediums they can use, and they can’t spend much on marketing. But a flipper who can make $70,000 per deal has 10x the marketing capacity. They can spread their budget across multiple mediums and spend more per medium.

Be more creative and explorative with list strategies —

Competition hasn’t died down yet. That’s why, if you’re in a very competitive area, start thinking about how to reduce cost of marketing by using more effective lists (lists that are stacked and have more potential for motivation).

Avoid spammy-looking marketing —

There are those that send cold-blast text messages that sound like this: “I have the documents ready for your house at….” . People do respond. Because it has natural curiosity; but not in a good way (an angry response is not the same and it can just trigger more spam complaints… It’s 2022 and people are more skeptical to spam. Response to this sort of marketing is dropping like a bag of rocks in the Hudson river.

Be authentic —

This is an actual consumer trend today. With the amount of #metoo marketing, consumers are going numb to it. More consumers are paying attention to more authentic marketing, more authentic people; Ie. Less “commercialized” feel to your marketing.



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