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Mike Blankenship

9 Ways To Get More Real Estate Listings in Any Market

Want more real estate listings? Need to step up your real estate agent marketing plan? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’re going to show you 9 proven ways to get more real estate listings, even if you’re in a low-inventory market. These aren’t theoretical. They’re

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16 units, 4 buildings, 1 MFU mailing

Investor Spotlight Issue #17 Featuring Chandler David Smith a $1.3 MM property for $850k – 2,000 Mailers   Chandler David Smith has been an investor for 9 years. And recently, he decided to use Ballpoint Marketing for one batch of mailings to buy a 4-plex. He was expecting 1 building…

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Lead Gen “Done-For-You” Package

Ballpoint Marketing, RESimpli CRM, Call Porter answering service, and Deal Machine list provider… have all teamed up to create: The All-Inclusive Package! Lead Generation Done-For-You.  Order our famous 7-series Comic Postcards for $1.00* a card, and get:  (at no extra cost) Appointments booked for — Using Rei exclusive answering service, Call

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Leveling up your offers

Investor Spotlight Issue #16 Featuring Adam Z. Background in Construction Helps Win Deals   In 2004, Adam moved to the United States from Poland. Adam was 19 at the time and got into construction work. He quickly discovered, while working for investors, that he loved real estate and it was

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1 Quality Mailer Nets $175k from a Unique Flip

Investor Spotlight Issue #15 Featuring Robyn W.-  Indiana A Unique Flip Locks in a BIG Payday    Robyn has been working in real estate investing since late 2020. She decided to start her own wholesaling business to source off-market wholesales and flips. Robyn and her husband left the restaurant industry

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1 Postcard Sequence… 16 deals!

Investor Spotlight Issue #14 Featuring Tarah Fernades- Bumble Bee Properties   7 Figure Business in Just Over a Year   Tarah Fernades has built a 7 figure wholesaling business in just 14 months using direct mail. The first post card sequence she ran created 16 deals! She is now starting

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Years of Profits from 1 Deal!

Investor Spotlight Issue #13 Featuring Jonathan S.- Cottontail Properties Illinois   One Seasonal Letter Gains a Seller Financed Triplex   Jonathan is a full-time doctor who has been working in the real estate investing world for only a short time. He also has a family with two small children and

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A Multimillion $$ Deal from 1 Mailer

Investor Spotlight Issue #12 Featuring David P. – Springfield, Missouri   1 Door Property Turns into 79 Doors of Cash Flow   From military to millionaire! David Pere started real estate investing in 2015. With Freedom Properties, his veteran-owned company, David loves revitalizing Southwest Missouri through buying rental properties. David’s

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