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$20k in 10 days…. 100% virtual

Investor Spotlight Issue #3:  Featuring Eric R. – Atlanta, Georgia No Stress Wholesale Deal! Eric Ruben is a solo wholesaler/rehabber (no AM’s just himself, but he’s looking to hire an admin now), operating in Atlanta. He gets most of his deals from cold calling and mailings, with a few sporadic

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8 ways to find 100 real sellers for $500 or less

A “Secret” To Marketing Before you get to all the tactical stuff of how to grab 100 quality sellers leads for under $500, it’s important that you read this part FIRST.  Because when it comes to marketing, most people in the REI industry have it donkey-backwards. Let me illustrate with

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Beating Open Door with a Lower Offer

Investor Spotlight Issue #2:  Featuring Jason L. – San Antonio Texas Beating Open Door With a Lower Offer — Airbnb Deal Jason Lee is solo operator (no AM’s just himself), operating in the San Antonio Texas market. He found this doozy in December 2021 and he was competing with Open

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Direct mail
Paul doCampo

Real estate investor direct mail—3 bullet-proof strategies for success

How to improve your direct mail game… Despite all the chanting about “DiReCt mAiL iS dEaD!!” from real estate investors… Direct mail is still alive and kicking. Unlike social media channels canceling people’s profiles and groups… the post office will (almost) always deliver your mail (as long as Newman’s not

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$77k Profit on 2-for-1 deal

Investor Spotlight Issue #1:  Featuring Ryan Dossey Welcome to the first “BPM Success Newsletter”, where we feature a deal from one of Ballpoints clients. We lay out the exact strategies they used, what they did, and their profit. In our first issue, we’ll highlight our very own Ryan Dossey, the

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Handwritten mail for real estate investors

Handwritten Mail For Real Estate Investors   How to win motivated seller deals with direct mail   10 years ago, the yellow letter was it. It was the most talked-about method to finding motivated sellers. But today things are different. The MLS is crowded, so deals are slimmer. Seller inboxes

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Ryan Dossey

First Time Sending BPM?

We send millions of pieces of mail every single year and want to do everything we can to ensure that your campaign is a success. Whether this is your first mail drop or your 50th we’ve got a few pointers for you. Match Your Message To Your Prospects Real estate

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