A Multimillion $$ Deal from 1 Mailer

Investor Spotlight

Issue #12

Featuring David P. – Springfield, Missouri


1 Door Property Turns into 79 Doors of Cash Flow


From military to millionaire! David Pere started real estate investing in 2015. With Freedom Properties, his veteran-owned company, David loves revitalizing Southwest Missouri through buying rental properties. David’s family has called Springfield, Missouri home for over a century. 

His motivation: “I want to give people a simple and positive home selling experience so that they can sleep peacefully at night.”

Here’s how this Marine veteran netted 4 deals with 1 seller and 1 mailer…

The Story

The seller was looking to retire from being a landlord in the Southern Missouri area and move to Florida. He received one piece of mail from Freedom Properties on a single-family home. 

David ended up getting more than just that single-family home though! After numerous negotiations, the seller ended up selling 4 properties totaling 79 doors to David and his business.

The purchase price which totaled over $2 million included a 40-unit hotel, a 23-unit apartment, a 15-unit apartment, and that original single-family home.

After a year of cash flowing from the SFH, it is under contract for $70k. The two apartments are also turning great profits. And the hotel is heading into the busy season with 20 newly updated units and a new online presence ready to be tested out.

The Numbers

  • Purchase price (SFH): $50k
  • Resale Price (SFH): $70k
  • Net profit: $20k

The Marketing:

  • How many letter sent: 2700
  • The list: Absentee properties with equity
  • Mailing piece: The Deco Letters


Get Deals like David using the letter he used below!


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