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[Case Study] New Investor finds buyer in mins – earns $20k

Investor Spotlight

Issue #34

Featuring Ansar Hosein with “Mint Buys Houston Houses

Houston Investor wholesales deal in 5 mins

Ansar started investing in Housten in Jan 2023. That’s about the time he also set up his website, pulled a list (we show you below), and sent BPM mail — everything that the CCF mastermind shows you.

So far, in June 2023, he’s closed one wholesale deal (that we talk about below) and has 2 others in the pipeline.

In this deal, we’ll show you two things:

  1. How Ansar didn’t haggle the seller when he said “No” to his low offer…
  2. And a social media tactic that Ansar used to quickly find a buyer and gain $20,000

“Done for you” tools he used

  • Lead Engine – A service that provides complete lead gen, and direct mail marketing for you, and books your appointments — Call Us here and ask about our Lead Engine Program!
  • ReSimpli – A top-notch CRM we supply through the Lead Engine Program ^
  • Deal Machine – For the data and the list — that we pull for him through the Lead Engine program
  • BPM – Mail is provided for him, and mailed for him… again… through the Lead Engine program

The Seller

The seller (a landlord) called Ansar after seeing one of BPM’s handwritten Americana Postcards.

Ansar might have hit a jackpot because the landlord owns 5 properties!

The reason why the seller is selling now, Ansar answers: 

2 months prior to their lease expiring, the tenants left without notice. The seller is getting down in age and does not want to deal with the repairs. He stated on the call that the house has foundation issues.

When Ansar saw the notes made by the Rep at Call Porter, he quickly jumped on it and called the seller asking to bring the appointment sooner, to which he agreed.

Ansar walked the property. The seller was kind enough to show Ansar the foundation repair estimate from a contractor.

Ansar made his offer…

But the seller rejected it because it was too low and made Ansar a counteroffer.

Ansar said this to the seller that won the deal: 

Mr. seller I am not going to haggle you for a few thousand dollars. Let me send you over the contract for you and your wife to sign electronically.

How to find a buyer in minutes

While waiting for the seller to sign…

He put together a Facebook post — got the pics and the content ready.

As soon as the seller signed, Ansar fired off that post in a few Housten investment groups.

In minutes one of the buyers calls saying:

 “I know the numbers, so send me the assignment agreement and the wire instructions”.

The buyer signed the closing docs a day after the seller signed.

And a week later, Ansar get’s his $20,000 assignment fee!

The Marketing

Profit Numbers

  • Asset: 3/2 SFR
  • Exit Strategy: Wholesale
  • Contract price: $115k
  • ARV: $230k
  • Net Wholesale fee: $20K
  • Marketing ROI: 741%

Check out the Mailer he used:



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