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[Case Study] Use this “marketing stack” for big wins

Investor Spotlight

Issue #36

Featuring Ansar Hosein with Mint Buys Houses 

Ansar Hosein

Wholesale from anywhere with these systems…

Ansar started REI in 2020.

But he didn’t get his deal until January 2022 — a deal that took over 7 months to work and close — it was a flip he rehabbed and sold.

Fast forward to 2023, And he’s now wholesaling more often than not. He’s looking to close at least 2 deals every 6 weeks the way things are looking.

In this case study we’ll go through this wholesale deal that he was able to close while out of the country*

(*NOTE: he was out of the country for the closing, but he did meet with the seller face-to-face and get a contract signed)

The List

Ansar used the simple “Absentee with high equity” which is many investors: “money list”. Lots of deals are found in this list no matter how “competitive” it is.


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ansar property

The Seller

The seller received the Seasonal Mailer.

He jumped onto Ansar’s website (which we almost always place on your mailers if you have a URL), and the seller filled out the “Cash Offer” form.

However, the neat thing about this is that the seller had other offers…

Winning over competition

The seller expressed he had another offer at $500 over his, BUT that he would go with Ansar if he could match it.

Ansar did and won the deal.

This is a case for being “liked”, trusted, and perceived as more confident than the other investor. 

The only way to achieve this^ is rapport, the initial marketing (does it look legit?), and your professionalism.

So here are the systems Ansar used to look professional:

His tools and systems.

1. Ballpoint Marketing for high-quality mail (this is a fact: our mailers are the best-looking quality mailers for investors in the country. You can compare for yourself and purchase our samplers vs competitors’ samples. This is our opinion: this is one reason why our clients get results like Ansar (getting sellers to go with him over competition — because they put more time and money into quality marketing).

2. Carrot website for a seamless, professional look (

3. ReSimpli for lead management ( is the CRM that Ansar uses so he can track leads, and stay on top of them)

4. Call Porter for lead intake (when the seller filled out the form, Call Porter called the lead within 8 seconds or less. They took in more information and booked an appointment on Ansar’s calendar) 

The Property

This is a standard SFR in Houston TX.

Ansar wholesaled it to his trusted buyer.

Here’s what he said about finding a buyer for this property:

[As soon as contract was signed I] reached out to my trusted buyer and we came to an agreement right away and went to title and closed in a matter of weeks… I was out of the country when we closed and the Title wired the finds directly to my account. 

The Marketing

  • How many mailers: 3,000
  • Mailing piece: Seasonal mailer
  • List: Absentee with equity
  • Cost of mailers: about $3,000

Profit Numbers

  • Exit Strategy: Wholesale
  • Contract price: $173,600
  • Reno costs (for end buyer): $7,000
  • ARV: $256,000
  • Net Profit (wholesale fee): $11,400
  • Marketing ROI: 380%

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