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16 units, 4 buildings, 1 MFU mailing

Investor Spotlight

Issue #17

Featuring Chandler David Smith

Chandler smith david

a $1.3 MM property for $850k – 2,000 Mailers


Chandler David Smith has been an investor for 9 years. And recently, he decided to use Ballpoint Marketing for one batch of mailings to buy a 4-plex. He was expecting 1 building… he got 4. And one of them comes with construction plans for ANOTHER 19 units. As it sits, that property is worth $1.3 million but he picked it up for $850,000.

Chandler has a Youtube channel, and an Intragram where he shows you how he picks up these apartment buildings off-market.

Here’s the story behind his deal…

The Story

This beautiful 4-unit building sits on a lot of land that has plans for 19 units.

Before Chandler sent out a little over 2,000 mailers to MFU owners in his area, he first saw this property on the MLS listed for $1.3 million. When he crunched the numbers, he saw that the deal STILL pencils at that price, but he decided to pass on it because he felt that it wasn’t worth taking on a construction project at that price.

After Chandler sent out Ballpoint Marketing mailers to his list, he got a call from the owner of that $1.3 million property. The owner found Chandlers letter. Turned out that the property was in contract via the MLS, but fell out of escrow. Chandler negotiated with the owner and bought the property for $850,000 (a price he coudn’t pass up even if he was going to take on a construction project).

Here’s the full story in a video:

The Marketing


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