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Turning “No”s into $$$

Investor Spotlight

Issue #24

Featuring Dylan Koch at Morning Brew Properties

Making $30k after Seller said “No”.

There’s constant debate on whether or not to get your Realtors license. It’s not for everyone, but for some it might be a good idea to have it in your “back pocket”.

Dylan Koch, is both an agent and an investor. He’s been investing in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2021. He holds multiple exit strategies being a wholesaler, portfolio holder, flipper, and an agent. Since 2021 up to today, he’s done 22 deals.

This specific deal was a package deal turned into a listing: Two 10-unit apartments found off-market.

The Seller and the Deal

The seller called Dylan from some mailers he sent.

Originally, Dylan met the owner to buy his 2/1 Single family residence OWNER FINANCE.

But the seller didn’t like the offer, and said “No” because he wanted more than what it’s worth.

However, the conversation quickly shifted to the owners two 10-unit properties he didn’t want. He’s older and didn’t want to deal with tenant management anymore — he wanted to retire.

So, Dylan turned that into a listing contract instead! That made him $30,000!

LESSON: To be too narrow during seller appointments. Open up the conversation about OTHER assets they own. You never know.

KEY TIP: Have multiple “buying tools” on your belt. You can turn “flopped” mailings into $$$.

The Marketing

      • How many mailers were sent: 3,000
      • The list: Absentee list to SFRs
      • Mailing piece: Greeting letter
      • Follow up — After the seller called Dylan, they exchanged 74 phone calls, and 120 text messages BEFORE the deal closed. The $$ is in the follow up, check out a tool he uses


Profit$30,386 in agent commissions!

Cost Per deal: $4,350

ROI: 758%


Check out the New Designs that Dylan Koch used:

Greeting letter designs

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Commercial letter

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