Full-time Doctor Escapes the Rat Race

Investor Spotlight

Issue #13

Featuring Jonathan S.- Cottontail Properties Illinois


Holiday Mailer Wins!


This story is proof that there are hundreds of ways to be an investor.

Many come through here looking to build a real estate business — and that’s fine!

But Jonathan didn’t have that intention. 

Jonathan is a full-time Doctor that had only one goal: Buy enough real estate to pay for his expenses.

He was a Create Cash Flow mastermind member for almost 2 years. And went full “bore” while in it.

… Utilizing Ballpoint Marketing heavily, and using Call Porter to answer his calls while he was working in the hospital.

With the help of Ballpoint Marketing and CCF, he was able to build up those cash flow assets quickly.

He has no intention of quitting his professional career, but he can now enjoy life a little, not have to work so much, and retire early if he wishes!

So, since this is a Case Study about a specific deal, let’s cover the mailer he used on one of the latest deals:

The Seasonal letter!

Spring letter


The Deal – Owner Financed

After mailing about 5,000 of the Spring Letters at BPM, an owner of a Triplex called him. 

He also happened to be a contractor that bought the 3-unit property ten years ago, fixed it, and now owns it FREE AND CLEAR!

He called Jonathan because he was tired of being a landlord and wanted to receive monthly income without managing tenants.

He also called him over the other investor letters get because his spring letter stood out!

So Jonathan took him up on that deal and bought it Seller financed with only $5,000 out of pocket to cover closing costs!

The property is in a great class B area with good schools. Jonathan plans to hold onto this property and maybe even someday pass it on to his kids.

The Numbers

  • Value: $350,ooo
  • Out-of-pocket investment: $5k
  • Cash flow: $200 per door ($600 per month)

The Marketing

  • How many letters sent: 5000
  • The list: Absentee owners with equity
  • Mailing piece: holiday mailer
  • Cost of Mailers: ~ $8,500
  • ROI after 10 years: (not including appreciation): 79%


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