BPM Partners with One Tree Planted

From the desk of Justin Dossey, CEO/Owner: 

I’m an AVID camper and paraglider.

So I love the outdoors.

But it pains me to know that at Ballpoint Marketing we kill off 500 trees per year; One tree provides 10,000 pieces of mail.

And we’ve been around since 2019!

So, even though we’ve done some part in helping the environment by recycling our unused paper and mistake printings, still…

… That’s way too many trees killed off!

That’s why we’ve partnered up with a non-profit called “One tree planted”.

They’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help
the environment, by planting trees.

After realizing this shocking truth about our negative “contribution” to the environment…We went back and cured our self-made tree deficit, by paying for 6,303 new trees in North America (where most of our paper comes from).

But we didn’t stop there…

With the help of “One Tree Planted”, we’ve created a new sustainability goal:

For every tree we cut down for our product, we want 5 new ones planted.

Here’s how we’ll accomplish this goal…

First off, with every order made, we’ll be planting 1 new tree.

Secondly, at checkout, every customer will have the option of planting additional trees with a donation. That way you too can join in on our mission of sustainability.

With our added checkout feature and our new partnership, we’re confident we can contribute to keeping this planet green!


Thank you for being a loyal BPM client and helping us be an environmentally sustainable company!

Justin Dossey

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