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What Goes Into Our Mail?

We often have clients ask us why our mail is more expensive than our printed competitors.

While we could share case study after case study, talk about our increased response rate, or point to our track record… It makes the most sense to simply walk you through what it takes to produce one piece of Ballpoint Marketing.

The Envelopes:

After having sent millions of pieces of mail we were never quite satisfied with the look, feel, or performance of standard envelopes available on the open market so we created our own. We partnered with a local printing die manufacturer to create our own unique envelopes that allow for a perfect opening, sealing, and visual experience that is a BPM exclusive. You can’t buy these bad boys at Staples.

Our in-house graphic designer creates templates and custom pieces that are designed to look unlike anything your clients are currently getting in their mailbox.

In a sea of junk mail, catalogs, and bills our envelopes ensure that your marketing is the first thing your clients reach for.

We utilize a 70lb paper to ensure that your message gets to your clients in one piece no matter how brutal USPS is with it.

Your clients will often remark that they thought it was a “pen pal” or birthday card.

The "Notepad" inserts:

Similar to our attention to detail in our envelopes, we are equally obsessed with quality, consistency, and the “wow” factor in the paper that we WRITE your letters on.

We weren’t thrilled with the DPI (dots per inch) available from the “Vista-shrints” of the world so we worked with a high-end local manufacturer for our custom designs and actually create our template designs in-house. The higher the DPI the more clear/sharp the image is. (Think of it like 4k vs 1080p) The industry standard is 300 DPI but we never dip below 600!

We have also split tested the paperweight or thickness and have landed on a 32lb paper that feels like a nice presentation without being “card stock-y” or stiff.

The Pens:

At Ballpoint Marketing we have tested almost every ballpoint, fountain, and gel pen under the sun ranging from a $0.12 Bics to $750 Mont Blancs in search of the perfect pen.

We audited things like color, the thickness of the ink, durability (can’t have smears), and consistency in manufacturing.

After years of trial and error, we have landed on Papermate Eagle medium tips. The Eagle series has consistently outperformed every competitor.

A lot of pens start out nice but end up getting clogged, drying out, or not looking as good on their last word as their first. Our choice provides a rich and deep blue ink that allows our robots to really bite into the paper leaving human-esque indentations in every piece of mail they touch.

Our Robots:

Our letters aren’t pooped out of a printer at the speed of light… They’re lovingly written by machines that cost $12,000 each!

Our robots apply consistent pressure at a slight angle to perfectly roll blue ink onto your envelopes and notepads. We vary the horizontal and vertical spacing between every letter and line of ink to ensure that it doesn’t look “too perfect”.

We even vary the shape and size of letters so that two “B’s” adjacent to each other aren’t actually identical.

We have the ability to write in a cursive or standard style but we do prefer cursive. We often have clients call us remarking that they aren’t interested but LOVE our handwriting. 

If you’re having a stressful day (or just want to see the technology in action) enjoy this 30-second clip of marketing dweeb nirvana.


A single piece of mail from Ballpoint Marketing takes 3 minutes to produce, is checked by humans 😉 at every step of the process, and guarantees that your message CONNECTS with your clients.

Allow us to speak frankly, if you’re only looking to send out “marketing” we aren’t going to be the best fit for your company.

If you genuniely care about your clients and want them to feel special we are what you’re looking for. Our clients have seen a SIGNIFICANT lift in response rate over traditional printer (*cough junk) mail.

You can book a totally free call with our marketing experts by clicking here.

You only get one first impression so it might as well be a damn good one.

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