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Showing up with a senior list

Investor Spotlight

Issue #23

Featuring Nader Wahba at Pontoon Properties

Banking on the “Senior w/Equity list”


Nadar is a long-time investor in Georgia and recently went full throttle after joining the CCF mastermind and becoming a Ballpoint Marketing client. He averages 1-3 deals a month and has been investing since 2013, going FULL TIME in 2018.

He recently sent out one of our Seasonal Mailers (check out our Fall mailer here), send a total of 2,500 mailers, and grabbed a $25k assignment fee.

He flips, holds, and wholesales.

He’s also a licensed real estate agent and always looking for partners in his flips and new clients as an agent!

Here’s his story on this deal…

The Seller and the Deal


Here are his own words:

“I was mailing to elders. Unfortunately, the owner passed, but her kids saw my mailer! This was an SFR in Mableton Georgia. It is a 3 bed 2 bath SFH built in the ’80s. Great property! I came in wanting to buy for myself.  I am very familiar with this zip as I own several properties here, and have flipped a good amount. Was OK taking down, or re-assigning; In this case, I’m re-assigning to a fund.”

“Why did the seller pick you?”

This was my first mail campaign and I received a call from some siblings who had inherited a property. The mother passed away, and my mailer made it to them. The seller (brother in charge) sold to me because I showed up, and did what I said I was going to do. He told me that straight out. Seems like a couple other folks had wasted his time before.

Exit Strategy: assignment fee

The Marketing

      • How many mailers were sent: 2,500
      • The list: Senior with equity (a list that has a LOT of deals, but takes the most work to convert these deals typically)
      • Mailing piece: Summer/Seasonal Mailer
      • Metrics from this campaign:
        • 1 deal (so far)
        • 3.1% response rate
        • 44 responses
        • 11 correct leads
        • 9 offers made
        • 23 dead leads
      • Approx. Cost per deal (so far):$4,000


The Numbers

    • P.P.: $230k
    • Wholesale price: $255k
    • ARV: $320k
    • Profit: $25K
    • Approx. ROI of mailing: 1,010.42%



LessonShow up, better, faster, and more genuine than the others

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