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Stay-At-Home-Mom Flipper

Investor Spotlight

Issue #22

Featuring Rebecca Baur

Bankruptcy + Foreclosure + Consistent Investor = $60k


Rebecca started investing in real estate in 2019 with her husband. Up to that time, they had done 4 live-in flips. Since joining this mastermind, fast forward to today, and her husband has quit his W-2 job, they have enough rental cash flow to pay for their primary mortgage, and they do 1 deal per month. She buys in the St. Louis, MO area and surrounding counties.

Here’s her story on this deal…

The Seller/Deal(s)

This is a SFR that Rebecca intends on BRRRRing or Flipping.

The seller was was in bankruptcy, and he was receiving Rebecca’s Comic Card sequence. And right in the middle of the sequence he also received a foreclosure notice and finally decided to call Rebecca since she’s been top of mind.

We asked her this question:

“Why did the seller pick you?”

Consistency and we were top of mind. Distressed sellers often bury their heads in the sand until the last minute. This particular seller had gotten the Ballpoint Letter and was about halfway through the postcard sequence when they got the notice of foreclosure and they called us because we were top of mind

The Marketing

  • How many mailers sent: 1426
  • The list: Bankruptcy and other niche lists
  • Mailing piece: started with the Greeting letter, then the seller called from Comic Card sequences
  • Metrics from this campaign:
    • 1 deal (so far)
    • 3.1% response rate
    • 44 responses
    • 11 correct leads
    • 9 offers made
    • 23 dead leads
  • Approx. Cost per deal (so far):$6,000
  • Approx. Cost per (quality) lead: $136

The Numbers

  • P.P.: $150k
  • Rehab cost: $30,00
  • ARV: $265K
  • Listed at: $150k
  • Potential net profit: $60,000
  • Approx. ROI of mailing: 933.94%



Lesson: Be Consistent!

Use the sequence Rebecca Used

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