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[Case Study] Using Lien lists to find deals

Investor Spotlight

Issue #35

Featuring Scot Poore

$65k NET flip in Atlanta with this list…

Scott Poore has been in the Create Cash Flow mastermind for a year now.

In this case study we’ll show you the marketing strategy he used to grab this awesome deal in Atlanta!

Let’s dive in…

The List

Scot used Propstream to pull a list of all properties with liens (tax liens included) in his area.

This is “niche marketing” which can mean a really low cost of acquisition since almost ALL contacts on the list have a motivational situation.

Sometimes though… the problem with this list is that it might be small in your market; aka: not enough contacts to make a worthwhile list. However, if you’re low on, a consistent marketing touch to this list can be huge.

It can also be a great strategy to include this list as a supplement or add-on to your regular marketing campaigns!

The Seller

The seller got the BPM Greeting Letter from Scot.

Because we encourage having your URL on the letter, the seller went to Scot’s website (created by Carrot) and filled out the form.

Scot immediately made an appointment and put it under contract

The Property

This is a standard SFR in the North Georgia market.

The seller actually had some back payments and HOA liens against the property. The property was also kind of in a hoarder situation with a little mold and roof damage to the home so the seller had some motivation to get out from under it.

The Marketing

  • How many mailers: 3,000
  • Mailing piece: Greeting Letter
  • List: Properties with liens
  • Cost of mailers: about $4,400

Profit Numbers

  • Exit Strategy: Flip
  • Contract price: $148k
  • Reno costs: $30k
  • ARV: $270k
  • Not Profit: $65k
  • Marketing ROI: 1,447%

Check out the Mailer he used:

Greeting letter



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