The World’s Best Affiliate Program

How Much $crilla Are We Talking About?

Most affiliate programs pay you something like $10-30 a month per person that you refer… but not ya bois! At Ballpoint Marketing we pay a lifetime RECURRING commission for every referral that you send us! We will pay you 20% for every letter that is ordered and 22% for every postcard. 

The average customer spends $2,097.55 per order. 

If that was your referral you’d make $419 to $461 on that single order. (Letters vs. Postcards)

If you were to refer just 5 people a month to us who placed average size orders you’re commission would be $2,097 to $2,305

We had an investor recently refer us to a startup that is discussing 25k a month in orders on a 12-month contract. That affiliate is looking at 50-55k in annual income from us alone.

Don't Be A Creep!

lonely island creep GIFWe all follow people on social media that are downright annoying with promoting things that pay them. You don’t need to be the loser from highschool sliding into Dms of people you haven’t talked to in ages.

You can build out a substantial living through affiliate income simply by sharing what’s working for your business. 

When you purchase a rental, flip, or wholesale deal from one of our letters or postcards simply drop a post/email about it to your network.

I LOVE sharing the roadmaps to my success. I go over the who, what, when, where, why, and how. My goal is always to provide a resource that I would have killed for when I was just starting out.

Here’s an example:

All you would need to do to monetize content like that ^ would be to add a “If you want to save 10% on your next order my affiliate link is in the commments”. 

Who Is This For?

You don’t have to be an “influencer” or have tens of thousands of followers. If you’ve had results with our company we would be honored to compensate you (EXTREMELY well) for sharing your success. You can share posts like the one above or even just talk about us when you’re networking.

How Does It Work?

We will provide you with a URL that tags anyone who clicks it as a referral from you. If you’d prefer to talk about us (vs post about it on social) we can set you up with coupon code that your referrals can use to earn a discount and tag them as your referral. 

Your referrals don’t event have to be in real estate. BPM does direct mail for authors, insurance companies, car dealerships, non-profits, E-com, lawncare companies, and more. 

*Please keep in mind that you are required by law to disclose when an affiliate relationship exists. You don’t have to have a giant legal-ese disclaimer. A simple “I earn a small commission if you use my link which helps support more content like this!” is fine. 

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