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Investor Spotlight

[Case Study] – 142 SMS… $37k later

Investor Spotlight Issue #26 Featuring Noah Gilliom at Christopher Ellyn Homes  Tips From $10mm+ Homes Flipped Meet Noah Gilliom. He partners with Ryan Dossey in many ventures including their Indianapolis operation where they flip, buy-and-hold, and wholesale the rest. They primarily stick with SFR doing 10-12 deals per month, but they have flipped land when …

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[Case Study] – Showing up with a senior list

Investor Spotlight Issue #23 Featuring Nader Wahba at Pontoon Properties Banking on the “Senior w/Equity list”   Nadar is a long-time investor in Georgia and recently went full throttle after joining the CCF mastermind and becoming a Ballpoint Marketing client. He averages 1-3 deals a month and has been investing since 2013, going FULL TIME …

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Case Study – “Thief-Deal” Off Direct Mail?

Investor Spotlight Issue #21 Featuring Drake Johnson Pressure-Washer-Thief Sells House to Drake   Drake Johnson started investing in Feb. 2021. He’s in the CCF Mastermind, and today he does 1-2 deals per month, with a combination of flipping and wholesaling. The Seller/Deal(s) This was an interesting catch. Drake had mailed a probate list in his …

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