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 Negotiation Training Vault


*Note: Bookmark this page, and go back to it multiple times. DON’T JUST LISTEN ONE TIME. The more you listen to it the more you learn, the better you get.

Call Control & Appointment Setting Part 1

  • Script or no script?
  • When to run numbers
  • What to say initially on the call

Call Control & Appointment Setting Part 2

  • Quickly estimate rehab on the phone
  • How to read their motivation
  • When to go for the appointment or toss as a tire-kicker
  • A script for successfully setting the appointment

Call Control & Appointment Setting Part 3

  • Roleplaying
  • Setting appointments with your Acquisitions manager
  • Setting appointments when virtual
  • How to manage lots of leads
  • The to-do list of a 7-figure wholesaler

Call Control & Appointment Setting Part 4

  • How to deal with price shoppers
  • Roleplaying
  • How to deal with chatter-box sellers
  • Offer analysis
  • Making an offer sound really good

Running the Appointment Part 1

  • How to prepare an appointment
  • The first thing you give them when you arrive
  • The inside look of what a 7-figure wholesaler does during appointments
  • How to bring down seller expectations (What to say and do… without ever talking about price)

Running the Appointment Part 2

  • How to answer sellers who say, “I think I can get more”.
  • The last question to ask before you leave (this cuts down confusion, and sets the next appointment)
  • How to answer seller comments like: “Well the house down the street sold for…”
  • Explaining your offer process (this gives the sellers the perception of confidence and accuracy)
  • Running through a sight-unseen phone appointment

Running the Appointment Part 3

  • How to answer the question: “What are you going to do with the property” if you’re wholesaling
  • How to deal with back and forth price negotiations
  • How to present offers (The number aspect you need that can make or break the persuasion)
  • How to make your offer sound incredibly hard for you and really good for them.
  • What to do when there are competing offer

Appointment Setting Part 4

  • How to make your offer more appealing than a realtors
  • When and how to follow up after the offer
  • How to break down your offer when comparing with a realtor
  • Q & A
  • How to react when someone tells you to F-Off
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