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A new way to grab easy deals for just $200!

The First Handwritten Door Hanger that’s puts real pen-written notes at your sellers door!

Ballpoint Marketing created the first real  (blue pen, not printer font) handwritten door hanger. 

The call back rate and ROI has been incredible!


For example…

Investor/wholesaler Joseph D., dropped some hangers while out with his son.

The next day he got a call from one of them. Closed it.

Then sold the contact to a hedge fund making $19k.

Oh… and he only bought 250 of these hangers: 

Hire bird dogs to blanket your area!

Thens there’s Donnie McGruff…

A seasoned investor, in Alabama decided to try 100 of these out. 

He grabbed an easy BRRRR deal with infinite returns in his neighborhood. 

Hang them while on errands or D4D's!

Here’s Carson, who grabbed an easy $9k wholesale fee in Indianapolis.

He was driving to his girlfriends soccer game, saw a distressed property, pulled over and grabbed one from his trunk.

Next day he got a call, and tied up the deal…


They work because it's REAL handwritten notes to your seller.

It’s real blue pen ink, not cheap printer font.

They look authentic and sellers actually appreciate you “took your time” to handwrite them a note!

They’re cheap and easy to use.

You can either: 

  1. Hang them THEN call the house a day later
  2. Combine with mail
  3. Hire distributors 
  4. Or keep a stack in your truck and use while D4D’s!

Grab 250 of them, place them in your trunk, and when you’re out an about… start hanging!

Bruce Arrellano
Bruce ArrellanoCA Flipper
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"Door hangers have given me same-day responses and that was with less than 100 passed out. They stand out and get instant attention with vibrant designs and as always, handwritten ink.
John Doe
John DoeInvestor/wholesaler
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We got a call and a deal within 2 days of putting these door hangers on!

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