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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Know.

Once an order is placed, a member of our team will reach out to confirm your information and to schedule your design appointment.  This short interaction ensures that we gather all the information for your custom letterhead, contact information for the prospect and return address.

Yes, we will generate a proof for your approval before your order is printed.

First Class Mailers : Shipped to you to drop at your local post office. Our pieces are high quality and personal, and a local postmark ensures that your prospects feel like someone in their community is interested in them and not someone mailing them from across the world. 

Presorted Mail: Shipped directly to your uploaded list.
Postcards: Shipped directly to your uploaded list.
Commercial Letters & Golden Letters: Shipped to you to drop at your local post office.

We do not offer market exclusivity or market “buy outs”

Can I change the copy of the letters?


If you’re a real estate investor we have a sequence that has been tried/tested and proven over the last 3 years. You are welcome to ask for tweaks/changes. However, our sassy robots don’t like to write small so we can’t get too wordy! Here is the word count for each of our products:


Letter :50

Postcards: 35

Door Hangers: 35

We also offer the more affordable option, “pre-sorted”.  Just choose “pre-sorted” under the “Postage” drop down at any of our letter products. 

Our postcards are sold as a 7-month sequence that you can also order one time. For all other product options you can reach us at [email protected] to set up a subscription for you. We will just need to know how many pieces every month!

Have you ever had a prospect call you and boast about how they can tell you didn’t actually write the letter? 

Yes! You can order a sampler pack here to see our product line in person.

We have competitively priced ourselves to make our service accessible to anyone. We offer bulk discounts based on quantity (which is applied once the item is your cart). Our Pricing tiers are as follows:
  • Cursive Mailers
    • < 500 qty – $1.55 ea
    • < 10K qty – $1.45 ea
    • < 25K qty – $1.35 ea
    • > 25K qty – $1.25 ea
  • Non-Cursive  Mailers
    • < 500 qty – $3.00 ea
    • < 10K qty – $2.90 ea
    • < 25K qty – $2.80 ea
    • > 25K qty – $2.70 ea
Our competition charges $5 a letter. Perspective!

When uploading your lists during an order, we need a CSV or XLSX. Please view this list template for formatting guidelines.

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