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Pen-Inked Door Hangers

First-ever Real Handwritten Door Hangers for investors!

For an affordable .35¢ a pop you can leave real handwritten messages at their door!

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Here's How to Use It:

  • Buy a stack of 250.
  • Leave them in your trunk.
  • When you see a distressed home, drop it on the door.
  • When you’re out on appointments, walk the neighborhood with them. 

Order Today Includes:

  • 14pt high-quality card stock
  • The popular “We Buy Houses” version designed by industry-leading graphic designer
  • Copy from our top copywriter in the REI industry
  • 3×11 door hanger size
  • Blue cursive handwriting on each
  • 250 in a box, shipped priority to your address.

It’s now THAT easy to leave a personalized message to your sellers without spending a fortune. Hike up your marketing with brand new (never before seen) affordable Pen-Inked Door Hangers… They’re written with real blue pen to stand out and build immediate trust with sellers—It’s as if you personally wrote them a message yourself!

Why Door Hangers, Why now?

Be the first in your market. Ballpoint Marketing is the first to come out with handwritten pen-inked door hangers en masse… no other print shop does this. And we’ve just launched these into the marketplace, so it’s YET to be saturated. 

Handwritten hangers get saved. Commercialized door hangers get tossed. Instead, we’ve merged our AI technology with the “old fashion” door hanger to create a standout marketing piece that gives you double the influence: a personal handwritten message hung at your prospect’s door! Sellers will love that you cared enough to write a personal message to them.

Designed to grab the full attention of sellers. Graphics and design were created by a top brand logo creator in the Rei Industry, using elements of the scientifically proven “Color Persuasion Wheel”. 

Multiply your marketing dollar. You probably already know, that sellers need MULTIPLE touches. By “stacking” multiple mediums together you dramatically increase your lead generation. Add these to your toolbox and multiply your touches to prospects in a personal way. 

Copywritten to get top readership and response from sellers. Written by a top copywriter in the Rei industry, using specific language to make the hangers less commercialized and more “personal”. 

Leverage almost every seller motivation. With your choice of four different copy and graphic combinations, you have various situations to choose from. We’ve chosen four of the most common motivations in today’s market that prompt sellers to take action.

8 Ways to Increase Your Lead Generation:

1) If you’re door knocking… leave one behind at each house 
2) For every seller appointment… walk the block hanging them on any “ugly houses”
3) If you’ve got friends, family, or staff… pay them a flat fee to put them out for you
4) Don’t feel like putting them out… hire an Uber drive or distribution company
5) If you bought a list for calling, texting, or mailing… hang one at each door
6) Hang them on assets you like regardless of condition
7) Hang them in the neighborhoods you invest in (or want to invest in)
8) If you’re Driving for Dollars… take 2 minutes to stop, and hang one at their door

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