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[Case Study] Reverse wholesaling with mail

Investor Spotlight

Issue #29

Featuring Isaiah Freeman at Sunflower Fields Real Estate

Isaiah Freeman investor

Letting Sellers Talk About Their Personal Issues

This investor has been wholesaling and flipping since 2016…

But we’re going to dive into one of his first deals.

He started in REI with reverse wholesaling, and YES he was also mailing and making a profit off it (we’ll dive into the numbers below!).

And this one has a big lesson in learning to adapt to the seller’s situation.

The Seller

At the time, Isaiah was marketing to probate leads.

And this seller had an inherited house and she called on Isaiah’s Greeting Letter campaign. 

Here’s the big lesson for you, and I’ll say it in his words:

The seller picked me because she said I was sensitive to her situation, even though she had multiple other offersabove mine. I could tell she wanted to talk about her mom and the memories, so on the appointment, I spent time afterward listening and asking questions about her mom.


In these kinds of sensitive situations… the owners don’t care about the house. They want someone that’ll listen. Be alert when you hear the seller reaching for a vent. Sure… it might take an hour of your time, but well worth it if you win the deal at the end of the day.

3 deals from $3,000

I was surprised by his numbers, but Isaiah not only grabbed this deal (which netted him $17k reverse wholesaling it) but grabbed 2 additional deals all from thorough follow up

Does he Reverse wholesaling today?

Isaiah mentioned that he no longer Reverse Wholesales today. Through being active in his market and growing his buyer’s list, he can sell off deals from his responsive email buyer’s list

The Marketing

      • How many mailers were sent: 3,000
      • The list: Probate and inherited house lists
      • Mailing piece: Greeting Letter
      • Cost of mailers: about $4,500

Profit Numbers

  • Net profit from 1 deal: $17,000
  • Exit Strategy: Reverse Wholesaling
  • ROI of just that 1 deal (not including the others): 669%!

Check out the Letter he used:



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