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“This year, all from BPM, we’ve closed 31 wholesale deals (average profit = $17K), 5 new rentals, a few flips, and a 90-unit storage facility"
Billy & Tarah Fernandes
Texas Investors

What you'll discover inside:

  • The hottest (underlooked) lists of 2021. page 7
  • Wholesaling secrets—how to find the zip codes that are overflowing with motivated sellers. Page 17
  • An easy way to tell if a seller is VERY motivated BEFORE even seeing the house or talking with them on the phone. Page 9
  • How to pull Expired MLS listings and why they are still a HOT list in 2021. page 6
  • When to use general homeowner-with-equity lists and when not to (yes there actually is a time and place to use this list, but it’s not what you think). Page 7
  • Data secrets—tools, lists, sorting, avoiding mistakes. page 8
  • Return-to-sender mail a PITA? How to add an extra 6-figures a year by using RTS mail rather than throwing it out like most investors do. page 11
  • How to avoid cold calling and mailing the wrong people (happens often). page10
  • How to “smartly spend” more than your competitors without draining your bank— Advice from 40-year Marketing Guru Dan Kennedy and how to apply it to REI.
  • A simple way to avoid the “leaky bucket syndrome” and turn lost leads into deals. page 30
  • How to inject trust and rapport into your marketing. This is sales 101: people only transact with others they trust. If you can’t build rapport you can’t make a deal. Page 24 shows you how to add rapport AND trust into your marketing without ever speaking a word to your sellers. You’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition by implementing these two tips on page 24.
  • How often do you market for motivated sellers? A guide on page 19
  • Why competitive markets are a good thing for you…. It’s easy to beat 90% of the competitors by rolling up your sleeves and doing this instead. page 7
  • Marketing tool secrets… Almost every tool that top investors use to scale. page 25
  • Why digital, cold calling, and cold text are dangerous deal-sources to rely on… and the safest medium for the next 50 years. Page 16
  • Call intake secrets—How to hire VA’s, companies to use, and how to NOT lose leads and deals because of bad answering services. page 27
  • How to avoid a $41,000 fine (a common mistake in this industry that most investors do).  page 22
  • Market strategy secrets—A complete step-by-step plan for: Branding, stacking, leveraging your list 3x, and omnipresence (made easy). Page 20. 

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"We've been using BPM for over a year now and it's been our biggest lead generation tool. We would not be where we are at today without them. I have acquired 24 doors just in the past year and have flipped over 10 houses that have all came from ballpoints marketing "
Mitch Pater
Michigan investor
"I wholesale 1-2 deals a month, averaging just under 6,000 mail pieces a month. 90% of my deal flow comes from BPM "
Steve Uhlig
Pennsylvania wholesaler/investor
"BPM is critical to helping us stand out in our very competitive market [Washington]. We've even heard numerous times from sellers that they get letters regularly, but we were the first ones they have ever called. We've tried cheaper marketing and got what everyone else got... silence. "
Mike DeHaan
Washington wholesaler
"BPM IS my deal flow, haha!"
David Pere
Arkansas Investor/wholesaler, podcastor
"Have more leads than I can honestly keep up with right now haha!"
Hayden Stovall
Texas investor
“I traded $4,500 in mailer for $200k in equity!"
Michael Thomas
Missouri Realtor/Investor
"... within the first 1,000 pieces I got a deal… More importantly, when I’m going on appointments now, I’m hearing the people tell me that they call me because the letter stood out. And that's why spent the extra money to go with Ballpoint…"
Mitchell Martin
Alabama Wholesaler
"Just wanted to say thank you for your systems!! We purchased a manufactured home on 2.5 acres off of Ballpoint marketing mailer… for $55k… and sold for $135k no repairs… we average about $28k per flip."
Levi Kissack
Wyoming flipper
I have used Ballpoint Marketing 4 times and each time it has been great. The first time, my phone rang off the hook, so much that I was not able to keep the leads straight. Fortunately I developed a system to keep track. I have gotten 2 deals so far from these.
Mitchell Snyder
Virginia Flipper

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