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"Ballpoint Marketing is the real deal. They produce an amazing product that is unparalleled in the industry.

Bottom line, their product helps investors get and close more real estate deals."
Steve Uhlig
"BPM letters are critical to helping us stand out in our very competitive market.

On every appointment we go on we always hear things like:

'I love the handwritten letter!'
'That's such great marketing!'
'They really made you seem more legit!'

We've even heard numerous times from sellers that they get letters regularly, but we were the first ones they have ever called.

We've tried cheaper marketing and got what everyone else got... silence. If you're going to try direct mail, do it right. Use BPM"
Mike Dehaan
"We have been using ballpoint for over a year now and it's been our biggest lead generation tool.

We would not be where we are at today without them!

I have acquired 24 doors just in the past year and have flipped over 10 houses that have all came from ballpoints marketing.

Highly recommend these guys and will continue doing business!"
Mitch Pater
"I have used multiple different vendors for direct mail in times past, but none of them have offered the level of service, quality, and response rate that I am currently receiving with ballpoint marketing.

So glad that we connected, and will absolutely continue to use!"
Drew Wiard
"Early on in my business I got several deals from online leads and kind of wrote off sending mail. If I’m being completely honest I still don’t like direct mail, but I’ve gone back to it to add consistency to my lead flow and business. I’ve sent around 10,000 pieces and that’s resulted in 3 deals so far. Oh yeah, and one of those deals plans to sell me their other 4 properties.

It is not uncommon for me to have an appointment where the homeowner tells me they have received mail for years but I’m the first one they’ve decided to call.

The quality of the mail pieces fits so well with the mission and vision of my business; the seller’s immediately feel valued and cared from the moment they open my letter.

Ballpoint has helped me standout in a competitive market and I’m grateful to be an example of direct mail still working."
Aaron Bihl
“BPM has really exceeded my expectations when it comes to direct mail. I’ve used different companies before and the response from the handwritten letter has been ridiculously high. Totally surprised me.

Because of their handwritten letters I got my first deal with only 500 letters dropped in the first week.”
Arvi Carkanji

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