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Fall Leaves – 500 Pieces


Sellers can’t resist seeing who this is from… 

While cleaning out our warehouse, we found these “Fall Catchers”! They were from 2022, but they sold extremely well. Hit your seller list with these right at the tail-end of summer!

The reason they’re 18% off is that they’re from 2022 so they don’t have the new watermarked cardstock inserts for what we have today — but they are still Fall graphic embedded inserts, with handwritten ink!

But they still worked last year, so there’s no reason they won’t work this…

Plus you get to take advantage of pre-inflation pricing!

These will be written with a real ballpoint pen (outside and inside), inserted, stamped, sealed, and shipped to you locally. All you have to do is cut the box open and place them in your mailbox (for that juicy local postmark)!

Pricing is for cursive materials and INCLUDES shipping.

Availability: 1 in stock

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