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Family Letter


Buy your DREAM house – NO middlemen needed!

If you’re looking to buy a primary residence, but you’re tired of battling other offers…

… waiting for the right house to pop up…

… and tired of Realtors dragging their feet (while getting huge commissions)…

Then you might want to consider taking it into your own hands and buying directly from a homeowner.

We’ll show you EXACTLY how to do this using our newest passion project “The Family Letter”!


[Join our FREE Facebook Group “Hacking the American Dream” here. We give you FREE training on how to buy your dream home direct from owners — no gimmicks, no “upsells”!] 

The proof of this working for YOU … is in our company, Ballpoint Marketing.

We’re a direct mail shop that has been around for several years…

And 95% of our clients are real estate investors buying houses DIRECTLY from homeowners.

The model is VERY simple:

… They send a letter (very similar to the one displayed above ^)…

… The letter says basically “I’d like to buy your house directly from you and avoid heavy Realtor fees”

… Then they get calls…

… they make offers…

… And buy!

All the “hard stuff”  we show you exactly what to do in this free Facebook group. 

There’s a free course, by us, showing every step of the way in buying a house on your home…. everything from:

… how to figure out prices accurately

… how to talk to sellers with confidence

… how to buy with very low down payment and mortgage payments you can afford — a trick that banks don’t tell you. 

… and other (easy and free) sources of off-market property (reaching owners before realtors do, and making offers on YOUR terms).

This leaves you with ultimate control.

… Control to cut out (unnecessary) middlemen that anywhere from $10k-!30K commission  (which means more money for you).

… Control to find the property YOU want (With this method, you can target the areas you want to live in)

… And control of competition… (when you do this, you’ll be the only  one in front of the homeowner!)

Remember: our sole business is in existence because real estate investors do this SAME exact thing — there’s no reason you can’t save yourself a ton of money, like them.

So, what’s next from here?

1st, check out the video that explains how it’s worked for many other homeowners like you…

2nd, join our FREE Facebook group with free training inside (there are no gimmicks. The sole purpose of this group to teach you how to do this)

Then when you’re ready, order below, a batch of the 8″x11″ (real) blue handwritten Family Letter below!

You don’t need a large list to see the results! 

Not sure how to format your list? Download Template.
*choose styles below. Postage included. Price will be reflected in the cart.

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