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Investor Spotlight

Issue #13

Featuring Jonathan S.- Cottontail Properties Illinois


One Seasonal Letter Gains a Seller Financed Triplex


Jonathan is a full-time doctor who has been working in the real estate investing world for only a short time. He also has a family with two small children and still makes time to work  5-10 hours a week in real estate investing. 

This full-time doctor works with the buy-and-hold-to-profit model.

Here’s how he got a $350k property that will add years of profits…


The Story

Jonathan found a contractor who was selling a 3 unit building. The contractor had completely flipped the property 10 years earlier and was no longer interested in being a landlord.

That’s where Jonathan came in and through negotiations, the contractor financed the entire purchase! The contractor was pleased with the arrangement and the return they were getting, which led Jonathan to only have to cover the $5k in closing costs.

The best part about this 3 unit building is that it is in a great class B area with good schools. Jonathan plans to hold onto this property and maybe even some day pass it on to his kids.


The Numbers

  • Worth: $350
  • Closing costs: $5k
  • Net profit: Years of investment opportunity!

The Marketing

  • How many letters sent: 5000
  • The list: Absentee owners with equity
  • Mailing piece: Winter holiday mailer


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