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From Harlem Globetrotter… To Wholesaler & Apartment Investor

Investor Spotlight Issue #6:  Featuring Lili Thompson – Tulsa First $2 Million Apartment Bought with $21,000 Here’s a homerun deal from an amazing person, who reached out to us. Her name is Lili Thompson, and she’s a wholesaler and investor (as well as a Harlem Globetrotter. Read more about it

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$15k wholetail in 2 days using HML

Investor Spotlight Issue #5:  Featuring Tyler Wehrung – Ohio Who knew being Local w/ online reviews helps!! Tyler Wehrung is a very ACTIVE client with Ballpoint Marketing. And it’s no coincidence that he has a thriving wholesaling business as well. His secret: Consistency. About Tyler’s:  Tyler’s been in RE for

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30% ROI, Two 4-plexes…. all via email

Investor Spotlight Issue #4:  Featuring Brock Agamaite – Wisconsin 1 mailer, A few emails… half a million later. Brock Agamaite is mainly a buy-and-hold investor in the Northeast WI market. He started his portfolio in 2021 with a few on-market deals and a few off-market deals he grabbed via cold

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$20k in 10 days…. 100% virtual

Investor Spotlight Issue #3: Featuring Eric Ruben – Atlanta, Georgia No Stress Wholesale Deal! Eric Ruben is a solo wholesaler/rehabber (no AM’s just himself, but he’s looking to hire an admin now), operating in Atlanta. He gets most of his deals from cold calling and mailings, with a few sporadic

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8 ways to find 100 real sellers for $500 or less

A “Secret” To Marketing Before you get to all the tactical stuff of how to grab 100 quality sellers leads for under $500, it’s important that you read this part FIRST.  Because when it comes to marketing, most people in the REI industry have it donkey-backwards. Let me illustrate with

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Beating Open Door with a Lower Offer

Investor Spotlight Issue #2:  Featuring Jason Lee – San Antonio Texas Beating Open Door With a Lower Offer — Airbnb Deal Jason Lee is solo operator (no AM’s just himself), operating in the San Antonio Texas market. He found this doozy in December 2021 and he was competing with Open

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