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1 Postcard Sequence… 7 deals!

Investor Spotlight

Issue #14

Featuring Tarah Fernandes – Bumble Bee Properties


7 Figure Business in 14 months


Tarah Fernandes and her husband built a 7 figure wholesaling business in just 14 months using direct mail. The first postcard sequence she ran created 16 deals! She is now starting on her second postcard sequence.

They’re aiming at over 300 deals per year.

They’ve got teams in place, process, and of course, WEEKLY marketing using multiple mediums.

But they didn’t start like this.

They started in the DFW area and hit the secondary and tertiary markets.

And they DID start with mail even though they were a small operation with a less than $3k marketing budget per month.

Let’s dive into how they found 6 deals with one postcard…

The Story

Tarah and Bumble Bee Properties sent out one set of the BPM Comic Card Sequence. That one postcard sequence still had leads that Tarah and her company are working.

With that mailing, The wholesaled 5 of them and 2 she kept as rentals.

Out of those deals, Tarah kept two as rentals and made $234,800 in assignments.

She is now targeting 4,284 records on a Senior with equity list with her second mailing sequence.

Just so you know where NOT pulling your chain… here’s her video:



The Marketing

  • The list: Niche lists combined with Absentee with equity.
  • Mailing piece: Comic cards
  • List Size: around 5,000


Try out the Comic Card Tarah Used!

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