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$77k Profit on 2-for-1 deal

Investor Spotlight

Issue #1: 

Featuring Ryan Dossey

Welcome to the first “BPM Success Newsletter”, where we feature a deal from one of Ballpoints clients. We lay out the exact strategies they used, what they did, and their profit.

In our first issue, we’ll highlight our very own Ryan Dossey, the co-founder of Ballpoint Marketing.

He checks in with a deal where he recently dropped $158,000 but netted $77,000. 


It was a “2-for-1” deal where it was two lots side-by-side. Both lots had a house on it, but one of the homes was such a dilapidated building that he decided to tear it down and sell it separately as a vacant lot (pic below).

Both properties were bought together at a total price of $65,000. He then spent about $90,000 on rehab and demolition. The house sold for $235,000 and the vacant lot will sell for $35,000. Putting him at a profit of $77,000.

A tear down PLUS rehab

The Marketing

He bought this deal using Ballpoint Marketing’s Comic Postcard; specifically, the one that says, “Sell your house without cleaning it up!”. He sent it to a list of “Cookie Cutters” (what he calls “Vinyl Villages”) owner-occupied houses, filtered with this criteria: 

  1. Built in 1989 or newer
  2. 3 bedroom minimum
  3. 1,000 sqft plus
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The Rehab

The Vacant lot with the dilapidated house had to go. Not only was Ryan getting code enforcement showing up on the first day that he bought it… but it was structurally weak and straight-up dangerous. It would have cost more to repair it than demo it and sell as a vacant lot.

The house he rehabbed was full of junk… so there was that cost of haul-away.


Inside, he not only did a cosmetic rehab, but also removed walls to open up the floor plan.

Some other major costs of the interior came from:

  • New plumbing
  • New appliances
  • Ceiling fans
  • New floors
  • New cabinets
  • New paint
  • New bathrooms
  • New A/C Condenser
  • New electrical panel


The exterior rehab included:

  • New roofs on both house and garage
  • New shutters
  • Paint
  • New Garage exterior

Garage Rehab:

  • New siding
  • New paint 
  • New roof
  • New doors


It was an expensive rehab, but a 2-for-1 and a total of $77,000 isn’t too shabby. And… all from the Ballpoint Marketing Postcard you can find here

If you’d like to see how Ryan does his walkthrough and points out flaws from his contractors and vendors… check out this Youtube video explaining the rehab:

Exact postcard he used for this deal; Click image to order

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