A simple hack to load-up 10 off-market RE deals in your pipeline in 2023

Every November into December response rates from sellers slow down.

No matter how motivated they are, they just rather focus on the holidays than the looming house problem they have.

This is why a lot of investors take these months off from marketing and following up; feeling that it’s not worth it.

But this investor, Ryan Dossey, who owns Christopher Ellyn Homes (CEH: a multiple 7-figure flipping operation in Indiana), says he “doubles down” on his marketing in Nov. Dec.

He says this:

“I take advantage of all the competition who decide to NOT market in Nov. and Dec. Yes, the initial response rates are low. But, the motivated sellers who wait out the holidays are also sitting on our mail. Come January they’re calling us, and with the start of the year, we’ve got 10-15 deals loaded up in our CRM.”


Every new year we have NEW aspirations to succeed and new goals for deal flow.

But the right time to PRIME that new year is 2 months in advance.

It’s easy to order mail and send it with a reputable mail shop this December.

It’s HARD to start from scratch in 2023 with nothing in your pipeline.

At Ballpoint Marketing, we even make it easy for you and help you strategize a mailing strategy for your market area.

But, to make it easy for you, we’ve also compiled the strategies of hundred of successful investors into this book we call:

“Direct Marketing Guide for Real Estate Investors”

To see the formulas and strategies for successful marketing campaigns (that go beyond just mail), subscribe below:


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