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[Case Study] First Direct Mail Win – $45K Net

Investor Spotlight

Issue #31

Featuring Collin Coy at Sell Today Light

collin ocy win

2 deals from a 3,200 list

Collin has been an investor for a few years now. But he only started using direct mail in January of 2023 — with us 🙂

He also jumped into the CCF Mastermind and went into it with FULL charge by immediately taking action.

Here’s what he did:

  1. Built his motivated seller site.
  2. Created a “credibility packet”.
  3. Learned to analyze deals and run appointments.
  4. Created a mailing campaign.
  5. Signed up with Call Porter to get his calls answered.

Since then… he’s nailed down 3 off-market deals.

2 of which are from his first mailing.

He was the lower offer

After the appointment with one of his first deals…

The seller told him that he was the lowest offer by $5,000.

Here’s why the seller went with Collin (in his words):

“The seller was very candid and told me they received an offer $10,000 higher after verbally accepting my offer. They said however they would rather work with me because I was very honest and direct with them and did not try to “low ball” them. They asked if I could come up $5,000 on my offer, I agreed to this as the numbers still worked. So the sellers ended up accepting my offer that was $5,000 less because they wanted to work with me instead.”

There’s value in being professional, showing up on time, and building rapport.

The Seller/Deal

The house was inherited and had been sitting vacant. So, Collin’s letter landed at the right time.

It’s a single-family house and Collin decided to wholetail it.

The Numbers

PP: $110,000

Listing Price: $145,000

Net Profit: $30,000

Exit Strategy: Wholetail

The 2nd deal: Wholesaled for $15k profit

The Marketing

Mailer: Americana #1 postcard

List: Absentee with equity

Number of mailers: 3,200

Cost: Approx. $3,200

ROI: 1,400%


Look professional. Build rapport. Stick with your max offer.

You don’t need to have a higher price or years of experience to win deals.

Check out the mailer he used:



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