3 Direct Mail Example Letters For Multifamily Sellers

If you’re looking for off-market multifamily deals, especially on the smaller side, direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to get in touch with the owners.

A simple postcard or something like a Greeting Letter is a great way to get their attention but there are battery ways to get the owners to reach out to you.

For instance, using a more personalized approach and injecting some personality into the piece can help set you apart from other investors that may be mailing them.

Which is what we’re going to cover in this guide.

We’re going to give you direct mail example letters for multifamily sellers and show you how to make your campaigns as effective as possible.

We’ll also show you a few multifamily direct mail case studies so you can see what’s already been proven to work and adapt your campaigns to their strategies.

And it all starts with laying the foundations first.

Steps For A Successful Multifamily Direct Mail Campaign

You can have the best message and the best mailer in the investing world but if you’re sending it to the wrong people or you aren’t staying organized, the chances of it actually working are pretty slim.

On the other hand, since most of your competitors won’t be this organized, just making sure these steps are in place before you start making can make a huge difference in your response rate.

Step #1 – Figuring Out Your Buy Box

If you’re new to multifamily (or investing), your buy box is the type of properties you’re looking for.

Knowing the range you want to purchase can help you save a ton of time (and money by not wasting mailers and postage) while keeping your campaigns as focused as possible.

This buy box is the criteria you’ll use to determine what a perfect property looks like.

It could include things like the property size, the area or location it’s in, the age of the property, number of doors, etc.

You’ll also decide whether you want to target in-state or out-of-state owners since each will require a different approach.

For instance, an out-of-state owner might be growing tired of dealing with the property that’s so far away from them and be more willing to sell it to you.

You could also look for how long they’ve owned the property and how much equity may be built up in it.

If someone has owned the property for 5 to 10 years and has a healthy amount of equity, you can adjust your messaging to reflect that and potentially incentivize them to cash out.

To help you get started, here’s a fairly basic buy box:

  • Location: Jacksonville, FL / Orlando, FL / Tampa, FL
  • Units: 4 to 10 doors.
  • Age:1970 or newer.
  • Owners: Owned for at least 5 years, out of state, with equity.

Yours will evolve as you get more experience but the one above is a great place to start.

Step #2 – Pulling The List

Then, once you understand who and what you’re looking for, you can start pulling your list.

This is a mistake that way too many investors make, especially early on in their careers.

Instead of dialing down into specific properties and owner statuses, they’ll start mailing everyone in their area that owns a multifamily property and then hope for the best.

By using the criteria we gave you above, though, or by developing your own criteria, you dramatically reduce the number of people who fit into that buy box — which dramatically increases your results.

It’s counterintuitive to think about since you’re essentially cutting the pool of potential prospects but doing this lets you make your message even more tailored to their specific situation.

When you understand what your target is, it’s a lot easier to hit it. And limiting the number of targets you need to hit makes it easier to aim in on each of those targets.

And when it comes to pulling your list, we recommend you mine your own data with a tool like Propstream.

With Propstream, you can find properties that match your buy box and build a list that’s customized to you and what you’re looking for.

Step #3 – Cleaning Up Your List

The next step, before you start mailing, is making sure your list is clean and organized and that you’re set up to properly track your activity.

If you’re going to be sending out 100’s or even 1,000’s of mailers, it’s easy to lose track of who you’ve mailed once, who needs to be mailed again, who needs to be followed up with, and all the other notes on people you’ve already spoken with.

Instead of relying on a pen and a notebook to keep yourself organized, you need to invest in a quality CRM like REsimpli.

With it, you can track the mailers you’re sending, who you’re sending them to, who replied, what you talked about, which stage the deal is at, who you need to follow up with again, and more.

This is especially true with commercial and multifamily properties.

When you’re pulling a list, you may end up getting commercial and retail spaces in your data.

These can usually be filtered out by looking for LLCs. When you filter them, you focus the data on property owners, themselves, instead of faceless corporations.

Then, once you’ve cleaned and organized the list, and you’re comfortable using a CRM to keep you on top of your pipeline, you can start getting to the fun part — putting together your message.

Step #4 – Writing Your Letter

When it comes to direct mail for multifamily properties, you’ll want to make sure you’re personalizing the message as much as possible.

For instance, using a message like “Sell your property for cash now!” isn’t going to work very well with a multifamily property owner.

On the other hand, if you let them know the reason you’re mailing them, which property you’re interested in, the advantages of selling you the property, a call to action and your contact information, you’ll generate a much higher response rate.

We’ll break down case studies and real-world examples of multifamily direct mail example letters in a bit but, for now, focus on a template that’s been proven to work.

Step #5 – Consistently Mailing

Now, the last step, and probably most important step, is consistently mailing.

While you may get some responses from the first set of mailers you send out, most of your responses are going to come after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even the 7th or 10th time you mail someone.

If you’re looking for consistent deal flow in your business, consistent mailing is a requirement.

Luckily for you, though, if you follow what’s in this guide, you’re laying the foundations in the right way and will be able to properly track and manage responses as they come in.

You’ll also be able to stay top of mind with people so if they’re not ready to sell the first time you mail them they will know to reach out to you if they change their mind.

Multifamily Direct Mail Case Studies

To show you what it looks like in action when you put each of these 5 steps into motion, take a look at some of the case studies we’ve put together while working with clients on multifamily deals.

Former Harlem Globetrotter Turns Apartment Investor

Former Harlem Globetrotter, Lili Thompson, became a wholesaler and investor who used Ballpoint Marketing to start securing deals early in her career.

Within a year after starting, she decided she wanted to go bigger and started diving into the multifamily property world. By taking quick action on what she learned, she was able to get a lead on a hot 33-unit building.

The lead initially reached out because he wanted to avoid paying steep commissions to a real estate agent and knew that working with Lili could help him save over $80,000.

Shortly after connecting, he expressed that he owns THOUSANDS of these properties with the one they’re talking about being the smallest — equalling a MASSIVE relationship connection for Lili.

To see more about her story (and her mailer), click here to read it or watch her video below:

16 Units, 4 Buildings, 1 MFU Mailing

Chandler David Smith is an investor who got more than he bargained for with Ballpoint Marketing.

He initially decided to purchase a single mailing to find a 4-plex building in his area. After he sent it out expecting to receive a lead on 1 building, he was shocked when he actually got leads on 4 buildings.

With one of them coming with plans to build another 19 units.

The property that came in was originally listed on the MLS for over $1.3 million but he was able to secure it for $850,000 — just by sending out a little over 2,000 mailers to multifamily owners in his area.

To see his mailer and the list he used to uncover the deal, click here to read his case study.

Multimillion Dollar Deal From 1 Mailer

David Pere, a Marine veteran, got his start in real estate back in 2015 and focused on rental properties.

Then, when 1 of his mailers went out, he stumbled onto a deal that would be one of the biggest that he’s ever done.

When he sent the mailers, he got a lead back on a seller who was looking to retire from being a landlord in the Southern Missouri area so he could move to Florida.

And while the initial conversation was about a single property that the lead owned, after a bit of negotiation, David was able to end up buying 4 properties with 79 doors total.

The $2 million purchase price included a 23-unit apartment, a 15-unit apartment building, and a 40-unit hotel, plus the seller’s original family home.

All from a single mailing!

To look at the numbers and see how it came together, click here to read his case study.

Multifamily Direct Mail Examples

To help get your creative wheels spinning, here’s a few great examples of multifamily mailers we’ve sent and found success with.

Example #1

This example is one of our most successful mailers for multifamily properties.

The message helps build a connection and lets them know why they should sell to you:

Example #2

The Professional Letter is one of our bestselling campaigns for multifamily units.

The message inside is simple:

Dear Susan,

Would you be interested in selling your property at 1234 Main Street to a client of mine?

If so, please call me at 123-456-7891.

Thank you,

Justin Dossey”

To learn more about this example, click here.

Example #3

When it comes to connecting with potential sellers, we still prefer longer, more personalized letters like the ones above, but we’ve also successfully used postcards in the past, too.

Here’s a great example of one of our more successful postcard campaigns for multifamily sellers:

With this postcard, the message is kept short, sweet, and straight to the point, and the postcard immediately lets them know what you’re contacting them about.

The key with these mailers, though, is consistency.

You can have the best direct mail example letters for finding multifamily sellers but if you aren’t consistently sending them out, they’re not going to perform the way they should.

But direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to connect with multifamily owners who may be interested in selling their properties to you.

Especially when you’re using a service like Ballpoint Marketing to automate the process for you.

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