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[Case Study] The top producing list

Investor Spotlight

Issue #30

Featuring Evan Ragsdale at LoveWell Properties

The List That Keeps Giving

Niche Lists vs. Absentee Lists

There’s always a debate going on between niche lists vs general lists.

There’s something to be said about using niche lists and stacking your lists; it gives you a lower cost per acquisition (So, for those who’re starting out, you should try using niche lists first to save you money).

But the biggest problem with niche lists is that they’re SMALL.

So if you’re in a smaller area and/or you want a more consistent and bigger deal flow… these small lists aren’t enough!

However, the list that just keeps producing for our clients and for us is the Absentee With Equity list.

If you send to this list, you are hitting all the niche lists that contain absentee owners, anyway!

Plus, as we detailed in other Investor Spotlight Case Studies“, not all deals come from “motivated” sellers in dire need — so you’ll be skipping those if you only mail to niche lists.

So we’ll dive into a deal from a newer investor. This is deal #2 for him, and he used BPM mail, with the absentee list, to acquire it!

The Investor (our client)

Evan Ragsdale did his second deal ever while using Ballpoint Marketing — specifically with the “custom postcard”.

Evan is a serial entrepreneur. And apart from starting in REI he also owns a “Basketball Skills Training” program. 

He decided to jump into REI and build a portfolio for himself as a “Buy and hold” investor in Tennessee (he’s located in Nashville).

He learned the “ropes” by joining the Create Cash Flow Mastermind

He purchased his own custom postcard (that we designed for him), pulled a list of 2,500 absentee owners in his area, and mailed it!

3 months later, he’s got a deal!

Let’s get into the details…

The Seller

The owner reached out to Evan because of his custom postcard.

The seller went with him because Evan was the only person to call him back quickly enough!

The seller was ready to stop managing tenants and just wanted to have a “retirement account”.


Yes… DO sweat the details.

The small things are what matter in this business.

However, you don’t want “being perfect” keeping you from implementing… but you need to be making a conscious effort every week fine-tuning:

  • Yourself
  • Your “personal operating system”
  • Your marketing
  • And your business

The only reason why Evan got this deal is that he did “sweat the detail” of calling back the seller ASAP — “speed to lead” wins!

Even though your market might seem like it’s filled with very competitive investors … the truth is most of them DON’T sweat the details and DON’T call back the seller ASAP.

Which leaves plenty of opportunity for you to pass them up!

Here’s a pic of the deal:

Image of Evan Ragsdales house

The Marketing

      • How many mailers were sent: 2,500
      • The list: absentee with equity
      • Mailing piece: Custom Postcard
      • Cost of mailers: about $3,000

Profit Numbers

  • Exit Strategy: Hold
  • Purchase price: $200k
  • ARV: $300K
  • Cash flow: $600 per month
  • Equity after buying: $70,000

Check out the mailer he used:



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