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New investor at 1 deal per month

Investor Spotlight

Issue #27

Featuring Javier Batlle at Sell To Pivot

Javier B case study

Brand new investor crushing it in Texas

Javier Batlle is a new investor who started in September 2022 with the gates WIDE open and charging at his new venture getting a market share of 1 deal per month in San Antonio, Texas.

His primary source of deals?


He wholesales and flips and he’s looking to up his deal rate to 2-3x per month.

Let’s dive into his first deal of 2023…


Javiers wholesale deal case study

Out-Of-State Mailings STILL work!

Javier used a plain vanilla absentee owner, high equity list with his selected zip codes. He mailed the Americana Postcard.

The seller

This was a tired landlord who was sick of managing a property out of state.

So he called Javier after getting his handwritten mailer from BPM (as you can imagine, an out-of-state absentee owner gets LOADS of mail monthly from investors, but this seller called BPM’s Postcard instead!)

As usual though…

This lead took some time to nurture.

It took a total of 87 days from the first call to closing.

A selling technique

Javier had a large repair estimate in his formula. And that’s because Javier noticed foundation damage that would cost a pretty penny.

To PROVE to the seller why Javier was offering lower than what the seller expected, he brought an official inspector to show Javier AND the seller the foundation damage which proved his high repair budget.

That was the reason it took so long to close.

The seller said this to Javier:

Hey Javier, thanks for making the process easy for us. Appreciate how you explained everything and the transparency of each step. Best of luck with the house!”

The Marketing

      • How many mailers were sent: 3,500
      • The list: out-of-state absentee owners in 2 zip codes
      • Mailing piece: Retro Americana Card
      • Cost of mailers: about $3,500

Profit Numbers

  • Purchase Price: $197,000
  • ARV: $345,000
  • Assignment price: $215,000
  • Assignment fee: $18,000
  • NET Profit (after marketing costs): $14,500


Check out the Postcard he used:



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