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Seller had a stack of investor mailings…

Investor Spotlight

Issue #28

Featuring Jeremy Chartier at Tall Pine Properties

4-Plex Brrrr, $2,300 cash flow, and $45k Net

Jeremy started investing in 2022.

He has some rentals in Milwaukee WI, but he primarily invests in Southern New Hampshire. He’s done 4 off-market deals since he got started and is now working on getting 9 more done this year.

This mailing campaign was a 2-for-1 on a Ballpoint marketing campaign of a few thousand mailers; 2 deals were pulled from a relatively small campaign of 3,500.

Let’s dive into the juicy 4-plex he grabbed!

Mail from 10 months ago!

Javier mailed this absentee owner of the 4-plex in March. The seller finally responds 9 months later saying this:

“I’ve got this stack of mail from other investors, but I decided to give yours a call first.”

Jeremy used the Famous Greeting letter on an absentee list with equity.

The owner of this 4-plex had owned it for over 55 years and self-managed and made repairs himself the entire time. He didn’t want to worry about the upkeep and maintenance any more, so he saved Jeremy’s letter and called when he was finally ready!

The second deal – $45k NET

With this mailing, Jermey also pulled a second deal.

A single-family house that he wholesaled for a $45,000 assignment fee.

The Marketing

      • How many mailers were sent: 3,500
      • The list: Absentee owners of SFR and 2-4 units, w/ equity.
      • Mailing piece: Greeting Letter
      • Cost of mailers: about $4,200

Profit Numbers

  • Purchase Price of 4-plex: $400k
  • Repairs: $100k
  • Strategy of 4-plex: Brrrr
  • Cash flow: $2,300
  • Assignment fee from 2nd deal: $45K
  • ROI of mailing after 2 years: 151%

Lesson: Plant your seed with mailings. We hears tons of stories about sellers saving our mailers for later. Our mailers STICK out from the stack of mailings that sellers receive.

Check out the Letter he used:



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