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[Case Study] $82K as a mother w/ full time W-2

Investor Spotlight

Issue #32

Featuring Pam Tapia with Aztec Bear Properties

Pam tapia 1

Mom of 2 kids, W/full-time W-2… 1st deal = $82K

Pam Tapia just started investing.

She first built her website, and her brand (everything taught in the CCF mastermind).

She then started mailing in October 2022 and worked those leads immediately after.

Then, in December of 2022, she got her first deal!

So, this case study is an example of how anyone can do it no matter the busy situation you might have.

We’ll lay out exactly how she got the deal below.

The seller

I think it’s always important to lay out facts about the seller.

And this particular seller wasn’t the typical “motivated” seller you hear about (not in foreclosure, or dire need).

Instead, this was a flight attendant who owned a rental.

And he didn’t want to deal with prepping the home and doing showings.

So he called Pam after getting her letter.

The Deal

The seller went with Pam (as opposed to all the letters he got) because (in her words):

“He felt I was fair, transparent and easy to work with (his testimonial is on my website!)”

Marketing and sales aren’t entirely about the “thing” you send or the “closing words” you say… but the entire picture of you and/or your brand.

The reason why it took almost 3 months for Pam to tie up this deal, is because the seller held on to the letter!

The seller called her in December, and Pam got it under contract in 7 days.

She turned it into a flip and sold it in April (4 months later) for a profit of $82,000!

She then turned that deal into another opportunity to potentially find a second deal…

A clever postcard

Right after she bought this property, she had the clever idea of making this postcard below, and sending it to a new list:

Pam Tapia


The Marketing

      • How many mailers were sent: 3,500
      • The list: absentee with equity
      • Mailing piece: Pastel Greeting Letter
      • Cost of mailers: about $5,300

Profit Numbers

  • Exit Strategy: Flip
  • ARV: $325K
  • Rehab: $22k
  • Net Profit: $82,000
  • Marketing ROI: 1,490%

Check out the Letter used:



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