REsimpli Reviews: CRM for Real Estate Investors

How Can One Platform Transform Your Real Estate Business?

A review of the REI CRM, REsimpli

If your business is in real estate investments, wholesaling, or house flipping, it is so important to have a central place to oversee, manage, and track your work. One day you might be knee-deep in generating leads, the next day marketing, and the next day may be taken up with driving for those all-important dollars. Without robust real estate CRM software, how on earth can you juggle all these areas of work quickly, efficiently, and effectively (If you can, we’d like to know your secrets!)? 

One such platform is REsimpli—a combined CRM, accounting, and communications system that requires little to no customization while keeping running costs low and profit margins high. 

In this article, we will run through the key features of REsimpli, compare it against the other leading platforms on the market today, and share how you can get started on a free 14-day trial to experience the platform for yourself.

Resimpli review

What is REsimpli?

REsimpli is a real estate investor CRM software that helps you with organizing your data, automating your marketing, optimizing your sales, and managing operations. Sharad Mehta, founder, and CEO of the platform wanted to create the best CRM software that would actually help to generate and close deals, as well as track all the key information and data that a busy investor needs.

REsimpli comes with built-in features that take away multiple platform woes—templates, integrated services, and communication systems are all there and ready to go. An experienced and friendly team is on hand to help with any queries, as well as tutorials about the software. 

Detailed REsimpli Reviews: 10 Key Features 


1. CRM
There is so much to lose in a bad CRM and so much to gain from a great one. With REsimpli, all your contact lists can be stored in one place and then used to directly feed into your various campaigns as well as your analyses.

2. Built-In Phone System (REsimpli Dialer)
REsimpli has the software to do all your labor-intensive work for you—it has an automated drip campaign feature, where you can customize your messaging and then ping out SMS, emails, calls, and even RVMs (ringless voicemails).

3. List Stacking
REsimpli offers a list-stacking feature that allows you to easily upload and organize your lists all in one place, without the need for any additional software. This feature also includes a built-in dialer for prospecting, which can help to streamline your list management process and improve your prospecting efforts.

4. Skip Tracing
It can sometimes be tricky to gather a full, comprehensive list of contact details for every lead in your CRM. The built-in skip tracing facility gathers missing information for you and is linked with your database and marketing campaigns.

5. Full Accounting Functionalities
Those of you looking for accounting software for real estate investors can access a full and comprehensive view of your finances, see up-to-date accounting data whenever you need it, and use the ready-made tools to help you with all calculations, payments, and reporting.

6. Cash Buyer Management
Thanks to the versatile group segmentation feature, with REsimpli commercial real estate software, you can intuitively and easily see all your cash buyers in one place, then manage properties, marketing activities, buyers, and contacts.

7. Seller Website
The Seller Website comes with pre-built templates that customers can choose from, allowing them to quickly and easily create a professional-looking website without any coding knowledge. The best part is that the Seller Website is fully integrated with REsimpli’s CRM, which means that any leads generated through the website will be automatically added to the CRM. This makes it easy to keep track of all your leads in one place and ensures that you never miss an opportunity to follow up with a potential client

8. Direct Mail Marketing
With over 90 templates available, REsimpli’s direct mail feature is built into the CRM and taps into existing client lists, or you can upload new ones. Multiple leads are highlighted in the list stacking feature so you don’t bombard the same person more than once. In this world of digital everything, snail mail is a great way to stand out!

9. Driving for Dollars
While the real estate investor community knows that driving for dollars as a concept is not new, REsimpli did not want to leave this important job out of its CRM tracking functionality. Now you can track your routes, save property info, upload photos, and send the homeowner a direct mailout. All info can be stored in the CRM and become part of your overall business management.

10. KPI Monitoring
Once you have done all this amazing work, you can stand back and look at your performance data on the KPI dashboard. Filter to see financial figures, track team progress, identify future opportunities, and watch those profits roll in, in real-time.

KPIs monitering in ReSimpli

How Does REsimpli Compare to Other CRM Software?

REIsift – REIsift is a trusted real estate tool, and with prices starting at $470 per year, it does come in cheaper than REsimpli’s $99 per month for a basic package. But out of the many functionalities that REsimpli offers, REIsift can do just three—list stacking, direct mailouts, and skip tracing. For anything else, you’d need to add on more software.

REI Blackbook – This platform can provide you with cash buyers management and drip campaign management, but that’s about it. The monthly starting package prices are similar to one another, but REsimpli can perform many more tasks, all to a complex level.

DealMachine – Another well-established and trusted platform, DealMachine offers a great number of solutions, as well as great reviews and slightly lower costs. Like other competitors listed here, though, it only offers a small number of features like a phone system and inbuilt e-sign services.

Investorfuse – This real estate software for investors can help you generate leads and run campaigns in your pipeline, but it has few of the nifty inbuilt features REsimpli has, such as driving for dollars or skip tracing—and starting at $147 per month, it costs more than REsimpli too.

Propstream – This is the platform with the most to offer against REsimpli, including MLS details, comps, tax info, and owner details. However, we’re looking at a different offer from REsimpli’s complex CRM software, so it wouldn’t be fair to make a direct comparison between the two.

Final Thoughts

Anyone working in real estate looking for all-in-one property management accounting software, a detailed and intuitive CRM, and other easy-to-use real estate investor tools to help with lead generation and marketing campaigns should look no further than REsimpli. It beats so many competitors with its built-in features and ultra-affordable pricing and is one of the most respected software platforms for realtors—becoming “the one to watch” in 2023.

Start REsimpli Today

This comprehensive and competitor-beating real estate investment software is available to enjoy in a 14-day free trial. Simply visit the website for more information and enjoy 50% off your first month’s subscription by using the coupon code ‘bpm’ during checkout.

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