The Check Mailer for Real Estate Investors

We’ve seen a large increase in response from real estate investors and wholesalers using the age-old “Check Mailer”. And in this article, we’re going to cover some basics about this letter. Everything from how it looks, to how to use it (even what lists you should pull). Other direct mail companies and mail houses carry a “check mailer”…

… However, none have real pen-inked handwriting on those checks. We’re the first!

We call it the “Home Offer Check!”

So let’s break down their effectiveness and how to use the Check Mailer as a real estate investor!

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What is the Check Mailer?

It’s very simple. It’s a letter designed to look like the recipient is receiving a check. Of course, the check is not real. But it’ll contain an actual offer on it; an actual price of what you (the wholesaler or investor) will buy the property for.

It’s designed to get attention. And to highlight the amount of money the homeowner can receive for selling the property.

The Envelope

It starts with the envelope. We don’t typically use handwriting for this one (unlike our Greeting Letter mailer) because we want it to mimic an official-looking check. It’ll come in a#10, windowed, envelope. T

The letter

Above the check, there will be a message targeting the motivated seller, explaining the check and how the sender is a professional home buyer interested in buying the recipient’s property for cash — no closing costs, no commission, hassle-free, and fast.

Here’s an image of our letter:

Check mailer letter

The Check -It’s handwritten!

Most mail houses just have printed information on the check.

But at Ballpoint Marketing, we’re the only ones using real blue (pen-inked) handwriting. To make it look like someone penned it. We use sophisticated AI machinery that hand writes our mail with a robotic hand and arm.

Tear off check

We even included perforated checks for even more imagery for the seller of what they’d get. It’s an element of quality that helps you stand out from the others. Yes, the check says, “Not a real check”, however, it’s the quality of the marketing piece that has given us the most responses here at Ballpoint Marketing. We believe in quality marketing, and it shows in the results. So we decided to increase the quality by making these perforated to give a real feel.

tear off check mailer

Why The Check Mailer Works

Seeing is believing…

They say “vision” is what sells anything. People aren’t buying things (or selling their houses) because of the “widget”. They buy because of the results it brings. And the more they can see (and feel) those results in their mind, the more they’re sold on moving forward.

So that’s what the check mailer does…

It doesn’t convince anyone to sell. But gives the push to those who are already motivated to sell, and take the next action: calling you. Because they see and feel what would happen: a big check in their hand.

What can go wrong

There is a downside to this…

At Ballpoint Marketing we give you a choice of what kind of offer you want to put into the check. Either 85%, 80%, 75%, or 70% of ARV. If you completely miss the mark on the estimated ARV, or go too low (70% or less), you might get a lot of angry folks.

And angry folks will either:

  • Not call (best case scenario).
  • Call to yell at you (Not bad but annoying and ties up time).
  • Leave a bad review on Google (worst-case scenario).

So if you’re going to leverage this amazing marketing piece, make sure you’re doing it correctly: Having a high enough percentage (we recommend 75-80% ARV), and making sure the ARV estimates aren’t off.

Getting the estimated value
You can provide the estimated value yourself (just email us after purchase), or we can do it for you, using our trusted 3rd party vendor which pulls from public records.

What lists to pull

At Ballpoint Marketing we can help pull your lists.

In fact, we have an entire program called “Lead Engine” that is marketing Done-with-you.

However, if you want to pull your own lists, we recommend using this check mailer with this list strategy:

1.) First pull niche lists — Bankruptcy, divorce, tax liens, etc.

Here’s a full list of niche lists that Propstream provides:

Niche lists for check mailer


2.) Then Absentee owners to fill your budget

“Absentee owners” = property address doesn’t match the mailing address.

It’s important to have a budget. With this number in mind, you can know how many records you need. And this list strategy we almost always recommend. It’s our most results-driven strategy. In combination with the Check Mailer, you’ll be reaching out to individuals who are more likely to be in distress — which is where the majority of wholesaler and real estate deals come from. These folks are in need. We’re not trying to trick them. We’re trying to help. And the traditional market (with its long days-on-market, its unpredictability, its hassles) can’t help them.

Let us help you reach more motivated sellers!

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