Tired of people calling printed fonts “Handwritten”? So are we!

As business owners we are always looking for a way to stay on the cutting edge.

Regardless of the niche’ you operate in we can all agree that it’s harder than ever to get the attention of prospects.

Moore’s law states that technology effectively doubles every 18 months.

Just a few years ago folks started using light blue fonts that looked handwritten as a way to boost response rates. Guess what… it worked!

The problem is that prospects have caught on.

We are routinely seeing businesses get hit with 1 star reviews and consumers mentioning that they feel “duped” or tricked.

Have you noticed a decrease in response rates? How about sales?

I know we did.

Enter Ballpoint Marketing:

We have an army of robots at our disposal that are cranking out letters actually written with blue Papermate ink pens. The neat thing is that our software utilizes exact copies of real handwriting from humans to run our robot servants.

Want to know the best part? Real ink smears, smudges, goops, gets darker, lighter, and even digs into the page. Try that with a laser printer!

This technology isn’t new. Have you ever gotten a letter signed by the president or your state senator?

Our clients include some of the most successful real estate investors, non-profits, insurance agencies, and developers in the country.

Check out one of our case studies:

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