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[Case Study] Where most deals come from

[Case Study]:

Where do most deals come from?

Our friends at the company Deal Machine did some data gathering.

If you didn’t know, they’re a “driving for dollars” app where you can send direct mail with a touch of a button. And they have thousands of users who report on their deals.

They found something very interesting recently…

  1. Only 14% of deals come from the first mailing…
  2. 48% of the deals come from the 3rd mailing to that same list!

So that means people who send mail 1 time to 1 list…. are missing out BIG.

The marketing principle still stands:

“Multiple touches wins the marketing game”

So here’s a winning direct marketing strategy for you…

  1. Determine how much mail is appropriate in your market using this guide
  2. Pull an absentee list — absentees are where most of our deals come from — if you need help with this, schedule a call with our strategy reps
  3. Order our brand new Americana Postcard sequence — We do have a month-to-month program our strategy reps can help set up.
  4. While your mailers are being sent, hang up these handwritten door hangers at each door on your list
  5. Skip trace your absentee list
  6. When those mailers land… call everyone on that list asking: “Did you receive my note?” 

Sounds like a lot of work? 


… Will it is.

But you’re making 5 figures for EVERY transaction.

So don’t underestimate how much effort it takes to win a deal in your market…

…. or your competition will be taking the deals. 


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