10 Top Real Estate Investing Websites to Get You Started

The web can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding reliable sources of information about real estate investing.

With numerous options available, it’s crucial to discern which websites can truly guide you on your investment journey.

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the top real estate investing websites that provide valuable advice, opportunities, and communities for both seasoned investors and those looking to enter the field.

What this covers

“Website” is general. It could mean all sorts of things.

So in this article there are 3 main focus areas on these websites we’ll list:

  1. Informational (Knowing how to invest for example, or a community for getting information)
  2. Deal source (A website that provide real estate investments)
  3. Vendors/tools (services/tools/apps that help real estate investors

Word of Warning before we get started:

Before we delve into the list, it’s essential to note that while some of these websites primarily offer informational resources, others serve as vendors selling properties.

Although we have listed only trusted companies, it’s important to exercise caution when purchasing any investment opportunity.

Remember, no investment is entirely risk-free or guaranteed.

Let’s get started with the top 10 sites for real estate investing:


1. RyanDossey.com www.ryandossey.com

Ryan Dossey, one of the co-founders of Call Porter, stands out as a reputable figure in the industry.

Unlike many self-proclaimed “gurus,” Ryan is actively involved in real estate investing.

His website offers free information about his current investment strategies and the journey he undertook to amass his fortune in real estate while building successful companies.

His “specialty” if finding deals off the market; direct to seller. He goes over everything from how to use direct mail to consistently find deals… to how to build a flipping business.

Here’s a video from his YouTube channel on getting started with investing off-market:

2. BiggerPockets – www.biggerpockets.com

Bigger Pockets is the go-to community for real estate investing.

Lots of people started here (even Ryan Dossey who was mentioned above, started here).

With a vast network of experienced investors, beginners, and industry professionals, this platform fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking.

From discussion forums and blog articles to educational resources and podcast episodes, Bigger Pockets offers comprehensive guidance and support for all levels of investors.

They’re also a book publisher… they’ve co-authored many books on different topics of real estate with their top forum participants.

And they have several podcast shows… everything from beginning investing, to pro investing, to being an entrepreneur.

3. Ballpoint Marketing – www.ballpointmarketing.com

If you’re interested in finding off-market deals, Ballpoint Marketing is a website you should follow.

They provide a valuable email newsletter that offers insights into locating exclusive investment opportunities.

Additionally, Ballpoint Marketing is a print shop specializing in serving real estate investors, utilizing direct mail strategies for their own ventures.

They are top in the REI business when it comes to direct mail for investors and they’re definitely a powerhouse to follow if you’re interested in off-marketing real estate investing.

4. Roofstock – https://www.roofstock.com/

Roofstock offers an online platform for finding single-family investment properties.

Their website provides an extensive database of properties across various locations, allowing investors to browse and analyze potential opportunities.

Moreover, Roofstock offers a user-friendly app that enables investors to efficiently manage their property portfolios.

5. Fundrise – https://fundrise.com/

Fundrise operates as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), offering a unique investment model.

By pooling money from individual investors, Fundrise acquires and manages high-quality properties in desirable locations.

Investors have the flexibility to choose their preferred investment strategy, and Fundrise assigns their funds to the corresponding investment category.

Fundrise also provides an investment app for added convenience.

6. Acretrader – https://acretrader.com/

Acretrader focuses on connecting investors with opportunities in the agricultural industry.

Their platform allows individuals to invest in farmland and participate in the potential financial returns associated with agricultural activities.

Acretrader offers detailed information about available properties, giving investors insights into the agricultural market and its investment potential.

7. Diversyfund – https://diversyfund.com/
Diversyfund serves as the first crowdfunding site for real estate investing.

Similar to Fundrise, Diversyfund enables investors to purchase shares of multifamily properties.

By pooling funds, individuals can access investment opportunities that were once only available to institutional investors. Diversyfund’s platform provides a user-friendly interface to monitor investments and track returns.

8. Deal Machine – https://www.dealmachine.com/

Deal Machine is a website and company that offers a unique solution for off-market real estate investors.

It provides a platform that combines property research, lead generation, and direct mail marketing.

With Deal Machine, investors can easily identify and target potential investment properties by using their mobile app to capture property information and generate leads.

The platform also offers a direct mail service, allowing users to send personalized mailers to property owners directly from the app.

Deal Machine streamlines the process of finding and contacting property owners, making it a valuable tool for investors looking to expand their real estate portfolios.

9. SparkRental – https://sparkrental.com/

SparkRental is a comprehensive platform that caters to both landlords and aspiring real estate investors.

It functions not only as a property management tool but also as a valuable educational resource and community hub.

Landlords can utilize SparkRental’s management features to streamline their operations, including rent collection, online maintenance requests, and automated communications with tenants.

Additionally, SparkRental stands out by offering affordable and free courses that provide invaluable insights into real estate investing.

These courses cover a wide range of topics, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry. Moreover, SparkRental fosters a supportive community where users can connect, network, and exchange ideas.

By combining property management tools with extensive learning resources and a vibrant community, SparkRental offers a comprehensive platform for both landlords and individuals seeking to enter the world of real estate investing.

10. Housing Wire – https://www.housingwire.com/

HousingWire is a prominent website that serves as a primary source of news and information for the housing and real estate investing industry.

It plays a vital role in keeping real estate investors informed about the latest developments, trends, and insights in the market.

Staying up to date with news is crucial for real estate investors as it allows them to make well-informed decisions and adapt their strategies accordingly.

HousingWire covers a wide range of topics including market trends, mortgage rates, regulatory changes, industry analysis, and expert opinions.

By regularly visiting HousingWire, real estate investors can gain valuable knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market.

The website serves as a reliable resource, providing investors with the information they need to navigate the complexities of the housing and real estate industry successfully.


With an expanded list of 10 top real estate investing websites, investors can find platforms tailored to their specific needs.

These websites offer a range of goals, including finding deals, providing tools for investors, and serving as sources of valuable information.

From BiggerPockets’ extensive community to Roofstock’s property database, and from Fundrise’s REIT model to Deal Machine’s lead generation and direct mail services, each website brings unique value to the real estate investing journey.

By staying informed and utilizing the resources provided by these platforms, investors can navigate the market with greater confidence and maximize their investment opportunities.


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