Real Estate SMS Marketing: Beginner’s “How To” Guide

If you’re looking for a way to practically guarantee your marketing messages are being opened, using real estate SMS marketing is a great way to do it.

It’s reported that more than 98% of text messages get seen and opened.

And when you stop and think about it, you realize that statistic may not be far off.

We all have a cell phone within reach nearly 24 hours a day and when we hear that soft vibration or that iconic ding, our instant reaction is to grab our phone to see who’s sending us a message.

When you’re attempting to reach out to prospects to sell their home or buy a new home, that means you can almost guarantee they’re seeing what you send them.

And if you aren’t already using SMS in your real estate marketing campaigns, then you’re in luck.

In this guide, we’re going to teach you exactly how to do it, how to make your SMS marketing as effective as possible, and a few mistakes to avoid making.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to tap into this incredibly effective marketing channel.

Real Estate SMS Marketing Advantages

Outside of the 98% open rate on text messages, SMS marketing has a few other key advantages over other types of marketing strategies.

As a general rule of thumb, SMS marketing should be one of the cornerstones of any campaign that you decide to run.

Whether that’s SEO, paid advertising, organic marketing, direct mail marketing, you name it — using text messaging can dramatically increase your ROI when you do it right, for a few key reasons.

It’s Highly Affordable

When you compare the costs of SMS marketing to other forms of marketing, like paid advertising, you start to realize SMS is even more attractive.

It’s incredibly inexpensive, with most campaigns costing just pennies for each message you send. In some cases, you can pay a flat fee for a bulk messaging campaign.

The low risk and low investment can dramatically reduce your cost of acquisition while boosting the ROI you get at the same time.

That’s a win-win for anyone looking to drive more deals into their business.

It’s Incredibly Personal

Getting a text message immediately feels more personal than receiving a cold email or a cold call.

Since the majority of texts you’ll receive are from people you know in real life, you’re naturally inclined to reach over and check out who just messaged you.

This is especially true if you’re putting together text messaging campaigns in a thoughtful, empathetic and customized way.

We’ll touch more on that in a bit.

There Are Fewer Roadblocks

When you compare SMS marketing for real estate to something like cold email marketing, the results start to speak for themselves.

Many cold email campaigns end up in the spam or promotions folder — making sure they never actually get seen by your prospects.

In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 85% of all cold emails hit the spam or junk folder.

So even if your emails are legitimate, if you’re constantly battling against spam filters, you’re fighting an uphill battle and SMS marketing will provide a far more reliable way to get in touch with your prospects.

You Get Faster Responses

Being able to quickly respond to the messages you get can potentially make or break a deal.

When speed is of the essence, that means SMS marketing is critical. It’s estimated that more than 90% of all text messages are not only read within 3 minutes but also get an immediate response.

And with a response rate of more than 45% — compared to email marketing with a significantly lower response rate of only 10% — you get more opportunities to connect with your prospects.

Real Estate SMS Marketing Tips

To generate those higher response rates and get quick responses from your prospects, though, there’s a few tips you’ll want to follow as you start to roll out your real estate SMS marketing campaigns.

Tip #1 – Keep It Short & Sweet

The most effective messages you can send are the ones that are short, sweet, and straight to the point.

You have to remember that you’re sending someone you’ve never met a text message. If they get a message that contains a wall of text that focuses entirely on you and what you want, they’re going to completely ignore the message.

On the other side of that, though, if you let them know exactly why you’re messaging and get straight to the point, you dramatically increase the chances they’ll respond back to you.

As a general rule of thumb, you should try to keep your text messages under 100 words.

Tip #2 – Make Sure It’s Relevant

If you want your messages to have an impact, you need to make sure they’re relevant to the person that you’re sending the message to.

This touches on the first tip — keeping your messages short, sweet, and to the point.

Instead of sending out a message that contains everything about you, all of your contact information, your personal story, or any other details along those lines, make sure the person you’re messaging knows exactly why you’re contacting them.

If you’re looking to buy their property, you can send a message as simple as “Hey, I hope you’re good. I’m reaching out to find out if you’ve ever considered selling your property at [address].

We’ll give you more text message examples in just a bit.

Tip #3 – Don’t Abuse Spam Words

Now, one of the biggest mistakes people make is using words that are commonly associated with spam.

While words like “free” or “call” or “cash” may be tempting to use because they can be incredibly effective and they’re familiar, they’re not going to help you stand out from other investors or agents in your area.

Likewise, with enough complaints, those specific words may actually get your number sent to the “Possibly Spam” list on most of today’s cell phones.

To keep that from happening, remember to keep your messages personalized and to the point without using overhyped, fluffy, or potentially spammy language.

Tip #4 – Use An Autoresponder

If you’re using a third-party texting software, you can typically use what’s called an “autoresponder” to immediately get back to people after they return your initial text.

With an autoresponder, you’ll be able to keep your prospects engaged without having to be tied to your phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s worth noting, though, that you’ll want to create a customized message that fits in with most of the positive responses you’ll be receiving.

Since you’re going to be automatically responding to people who message you back, you want to ensure whichever message you send them as a response can work for most situations.

Something generic and as simple as “Thanks for getting back to me.” can work and leaves you room to move the conversation forward no matter how they respond.

Tip #5 – Set Reminders For Yourself

Depending on how many texts you’re sending out, you could easily get overwhelmed with responses.

Especially if you’re busy when the messages start coming in.

That means you’ll want to set reminders for yourself to stay in touch with people who have taken the time to respond back to you.

And this is especially true for your active clients.

Plugging an hour into your calendar every day that’s focused solely on returning text messages and emails is a great way to stay organized and keep deals from falling through the cracks.

Tip #6 – Don’t Overdo It

As with any marketing strategy, especially one as easy as sending out a bunch of text messages, it’s even easier to overdo it.

Another common mistake people make is thinking that one text could be effective, so sending even more texts should be even more effective.

But that isn’t necessarily the case.

Stop and think about how you would react if someone sent you 2 to 3 messages every day — especially someone you didn’t know.

Would you respond positively to them?

Chances are, you wouldn’t — so, to avoid making this mistake, allow a little bit of time to pass before you start sending each new message.

Tip #7 – Don’t Automate EVERYTHING

Another trap people tend to fall into when they begin SMS marketing is trying to automate everything.

From their initial outreach, to their followups, their CRM tasks, you name it.

And while this may seem incredibly convenient, it’s also a great way to let deals slip through the cracks.

When it comes to your pipeline, you want to know who each and every person is once they’ve responded positively to you.

You want to understand where they’re at in the process, what the next steps are, and what you can do to potentially expedite the deal.

When you automate too much of that, you start to lose track of people and deals which can dramatically lower your total ROI on the campaigns you’re building.

The golden rule is when it comes to your pipeline, don’t be lazy.

Real Estate Text Message Templates

To help you get started actually creating those campaigns, here are some great real estate text message templates you can plug in right now.

When You’re Attracting Buyers

  • Hey [Firstname], when is a good time to call you back? – [YourName]
  • Hey [FirstName], glad you liked [Property], when would be a good time to show you more?
  • Hey [FirstName], I hope you’re doing great. Can you please provide your email so I can send you more info?
  • Hey [FirstName], just letting you know I’ve seen your message. When would be a good time to connect?

When You’re Attracting Sellers

  • Hi [FirstName], I’m interested in your property at [Address]. Have you ever considered selling it?
  • Hey [FirstName], I have buyers in your area who are looking for properties just like yours. Would you be interested in having a chat?
  • Hi [FirstName], if it’s alright, I’d like to get together for a quick chat about potentially buying your property. What time would work best for you?

Real Estate SMS Marketing Alternatives

If you’re looking to generate more leads and deal flow for your business, one of the best SMS marketing alternatives available is direct mail marketing.

With direct mail, there are less hurdles to jump through and it’s significantly easier to scale.

For instance, with SMS marketing, you’ll be limited to a specific number of messages you can send on a daily basis before you have to acquire new phone numbers.

With direct mail (especially using services like Ballpoint Marketing), you can send as many mailers as you want. All you have to do is upload your lists and track your mailers as they go out.

Then, when you couple direct mail with SMS marketing, you effectively increase your conversion rate and increase the chances that warm prospects get moved deeper into your pipeline.

The end result with the combination of direct mail marketing and SMS marketing is a great way to grow your real estate business, whether you’re an investor or an agent.

Real Estate SMS Marketing The RIGHT Way

If you want to make your SMS marketing even easier, though, you don’t have to do it all yourself.

With a service like REIOmniDrip, you can plug in proven high-converting message templates and followup sequences to help land more deals.

Click here to check out their service — and, if you decide to use them, use code “CCCF” to save 5%.

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