Direct Mail For Real Estate Agents: 2024 Guide!

When you think about direct mail marketing, most agents believe it’s only for investors or wholesalers.

But savvy agents know that, when used in the right way, direct mail for real estate agents can be incredibly effective and create consistent commissions.

If you’ve never used direct mail in your business before, we’re going to help you make it work.

In this guide, we’ll break down some of the best direct mail strategies real estate agents can use to start generating more leads and creating more consistent commission flow.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly what to do — and what not to do — to make this time-tested strategy work for you, too.

Great Direct Mail Strategies For Real Estate Agents

While direct mail may be more well-known for helping investors drive deal flow, as an agent you can use it to attract new leads, keep your prospects warm, and even help get them across the finish line.

To do it, you want to take the strategies that investors have proven to work over and over again and adjust them to your own goals and how you interact with potential clients.

Below are 5 great direct mail strategies real estate agents can use.

#1 – Professional, Handwritten Letters

The “Golden Letter” is probably one of THE most effective direct mail pieces you can send as an agent.

It’s short, sweet, and to the point, but opens more doors than nearly every other strategy on this list.

The letter is designed to have a “local feel” and includes a bit of added proof and urgency in the copy.

With these letters, your goal is simple: find people who may be interested in listing their house today.

But, you don’t just send them to anyone and everyone.

That’s a recipe for spending way more on your marketing than you actually need to.

Instead, you focus them on very specific prospects who have shown signs that they’ve already tried to sell or that conditions are being met that would increase the likelihood they’re going to sell soon.

We’ll touch more on exactly how to do that in a bit but, for now, you can take a look at the Golden Letter by clicking here now.

These letters are built to get your prospects to open their mail, call you, and list their property with you.

Each one is handwritten and custom-tailored to your specific prospect and whatever situation they may be in that would make them consider listing their house.

Think things like expired listings with another agent, pre-foreclosures, out-of-state landlords, and probates or inheritances.

#2 – Neighborhood Newsletter

While the Golden Letter is great for generating new leads and starting conversations with potential prospects, if you want to stay top of mind or open up a new area for your business, neighborhood newsletters are a great way to hit those goals.

These are simple to make, too.

When you’re sending out newsletters, you want to start with the right list of people — people who may be moving toward wanting to list their home.

You can include things like recent sales data, market forecasts and trends, community highlights, and your own expertise on the neighborhood.

The goal is to showcase that you’re familiar with the area and that you can help get their property sold fast for top dollar.

You can pull this data from the MLS and include it in each newsletter you send.

Then, when you have the information ready to go, you can use a tool like Canva, FotoJet, PicMonkey, or Stencil to start creating the newsletter.

Once you have it put together, you want to make sure you’re sending it to the right people at the right time.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about why most agents can’t generate new leads using direct mail — and what you can do differently to grow your business using this proven strategy.

#3 – Partnership Promotions

Another letter that works extremely well for growing your business is a partnership promotion.

Similar to the golden letter, partnership promotions help you start and build mutually beneficial relationships with non-competing companies.

They’re how you create a win-win situation and drive even more referrals into your business.

In a partnership promotion, you can start with the Golden Letter from our first strategy.

Instead of asking if they are interested in listing their home, though, you can open the door to the mutually beneficial relationship you’re trying to cultivate.

Take, for instance, an insurance agent or broker.

Because they have the same type of clients that you can work with, by establishing a relationship with the agent or broker, you can refer new clients back and forth.

When they have someone who may be looking to sell their home, they can forward their information to you.

On the flipside of that, when you help someone buy a new home and they need insurance, you can refer them to your agent or broker partner.

The key to making the Golden Letter work with partnership promotions, though, isn’t to go straight for closing the deal.

Instead, when you’re sending these, you want to open the door, let the person know that you may be able to refer people to them, and asking them if they’re interested in having a conversation about the potential.

#4 – Local Market Reports & Updates

With markets changing incredibly fast over the last few years, updating your potential prospects on the right time to list or buy is a great way to generate new leads.

Because, you have to remember, while you’re on the frontlines and can predict the market conditions, your prospects can’t.

They’re not in the day-to-day with you so they may not realize how quickly the landscape is changing.

This means it can be helpful to keep them up-to-date, especially if you know that certain conditions are being met that could drive them to want to list their property.

We’ll touch more on what those conditions look like in a bit but, for now, one of the best ways to make these market reports and updates work is to get them in front of renters.

They’re always looking for the right time to buy and, when you get in front of them, you can stay top of mind so when they make the decision to quit renting, you’re the first person they contact.

You can even include neighborhood maps and recent listings — both those that have just sold and ones that have just come on the market — to help them gain insight into the possibilities.

#5 – Spring & Fall Cleaning Checklist

Another great way to stay top of mind with your prospects, especially ones you’ve already been in communication with, is sending out a spring and fall cleaning checklist.

Every year, as springtime and fall comes, homeowners and renters are looking to clean up.

In March and September, send out these branded mailers and include a call to action to remind people who to contact when the time comes.

To take this strategy one step further, you can also include summer and winter maintenance checklists or checklists that can help them improve the value in their home before they decide to list.

Real Estate Farming For Agents

The goal for each of these strategies is simple: consistently increase your commissions.

One strategy that works incredibly well for that, though, is called Agent Farming.

As an agent or broker, you have a MASSIVE advantage.

You have an insane amount of data at your disposal, if you know where to look for it, and can use it to accurately predict where your commissions will come from.

If you’re not familiar with the strategy, we’ve put together an in-depth guide that breaks down exactly what it is, how to use it, and why every agent needs to practice farming in their local area.

You can check out the Real Estate Farming Guide by clicking here.

Real Estate Agent Direct Mail Tips & Ideas

While each of the strategies above are great for agents to generate more listings, there’s a right way and a wrong way to execute them.

Instead of making the same mistakes as other agents, check out some of the quick tips below that will help ensure your campaigns are actually effective — and that they generate an ROI for you.

#1 – Make It Targeted

It all starts with the audience you’re sending the mailers to.

If you just pull a list and start blasting mailers out, you can expect a pretty low return.

Instead of wasting your precious time and marketing dollars, focus your mailers on people who may actually want to list their home or buy a new home.

For instance, pre-foreclosures, inheritances, expired listings, out-of-state landlords, probates, and renters are all great audiences to target with your mailers.

They’re either moving closer to the point of wanting to sell, have already tried to sell and failed, or will be looking to buy a home so they can stop renting.

#2 – Time It Right

Then, you want to take advantage of trends in the market.

The success of your direct mail marketing campaigns is tied to trends that are already well-known.

As an example, November through January tend to be slower months while March through June tend to be higher activity months.

Starting your campaigns in early February gives you a huge head start for the busy season if you’re looking to generate leads while campaigns run during the slower months can help you stay top of mind.

#3 – Stay Consistent

And you can’t forget that the key to success with direct mail is consistency.

It’s why we offer campaigns that are staggered over the course of 7 months. Our campaigns let you take full advantage of the busy season and keep you top of mind during the slow season.

Since one of the biggest mistakes agents and brokers make is trying to send out 1 piece of direct mail, waiting for results to happen, and then calling it quits if they don’t see rocketship momentum, by staying consistent you can avoid making that same mistake.

#4 – Hook Them In

Then, as you’re putting together the message on your mailers, you want to make sure you’re hooking people in from the start.

You have a very small window of opportunity when someone is reading your mailer to let them know exactly how you can help them — and why they should use your business instead of another agent.

If your message isn’t targeted to your prospect, or is too broad, or vague, your mailers are going to get thrown in the trash.

To help you avoid making this mistake, we’ve tested (over and over again) messaging and have provided messages that have been proven to convert higher than most people’s direct mail campaigns.

#5 – Follow Up

Finally, you want to make sure you’re following up with people that you’re mailing.

While it can happen, most people won’t actually raise their hand the first time you contact them.

Instead, most of your listings will come from the 4th, 5th, 6th, or even 7th piece of mail you send.

Your follow up is critical if you want to find success with direct mail as a real estate agent.

How To Use Direct Mail To Drive More Commissions In 2024

While direct mail may be more closely associated with investors, savvy agents can use it to drive more commissions in 2024.

To get started, you want to make sure you’re actually targeting motivated sellers.

Pull lists of data for expired listings, pre-foreclosure properties, out-of-state landlords, probates, inheritances, and renters, and then target your message specifically at them.

If you’re not already pulling your own data, you can use a tool like Propstream to get started.

Check out the video below to see how easy it can be:

Then, make sure the direct mail you’re sending is actually proven to convert.

You can take a look at some of our pieces by clicking here — each one has been proven to generate a high response rate when you’re sending them to the right people.

Finally, make sure your campaigns are built to convert out of the gate.

You can start by sending professional letters — or Golden Letters — and then put your prospects into a follow up drip campaign using postcards that are guaranteed to get attention.

When you get this right, using direct mail for real estate agents can help you predictably (and profitably) grow your business year-over-year.

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