Finding Deals With Direct Mail WITHOUT Wasting Money

How many sellers have reached out to you DIRECTLY this month asking you for an offer on their house? When I started out as a real estate investor I was always waiting on someone else to help me hit my goals; deals from wholesalers, referrals from Realtors, or something juicy to hit the mls. Here’s the problem… 

Wholesalers (I am one) keep the cream of the crop for themselves. 

Realtors (the smart ones) keep the cream of the crop or partner with one of their regulars. 

Deals on the MLS go for 10, 15, or $20,000+ more than off-market. 

In 2016 I did 6 off-market deals. In 2017 I did 74. What changed? I stopped waiting on other people to bring me deals. My financial future was too important. The fact that you’re here… tells me that you’re likely feeling the same thing. 

I used to sell this content in a mastermind group that I’d charge $5,000 for. I’m giving it to you here for FREE because I want to see you win AND I want to grow Ballpoint Marketing®. 

If at any point during this direct mail training you decide you’d rather hit the “easy” button that’s 100% cool. I have team members on staff that will hop on a free strategy session with you and do all of this for you. 

We even have an option where we’ll pull your lists, answer your calls, set you up with a CRM, and guarantee you leads.

Oh – and you can grab my free ebook below. 

Currently I’ve got 395 active leads in my CRM (I use to track all of my leads) in just one of mymarkets. This doesn’t count the 8 flips I’m remodeling or the 6 deals I have under contract. We’re projecting $340,000 NET in the next 6 weeks.

When I wholesale a house I’m netting around 20k but it’s only costing me 3k+/- to find them.

What would it mean for your business and family if you could pocket an extra 17k+ a deal? My last year as a W2 employee I made 23k pretax.

What I’m going to be walking you through in this blog has resulted in over $50,000,000 worth of investment properties purchased off-market at DEEP discounts for my clients.

The skills that you’re going to learn right here are battle tested and effective in even the most competitive markets. 

If you’re more of a reader you can snag our free E-book on how 20 our clients landed over 30 mil in results 😤.

This deal below is one that I locked up for 225k and sold for 240k without buying or rehabbing it. Using the EXACT technique I’m giving you RIGHT here. 


If you’re not looking to flip or buy & hold I HIGHLY recommend that you market to where those guys are looking. Tap the button below to discover how to find the hottest wholesale zip codes in your market. 

Once you’ve decided what types of properties you’re looking for (what I call your “buy box”) it’s time to start pulling some mailing lists! 

Do you want houses? Condos? Duplexes? Land? I’d even write down how many beds, baths, sqft, year built, garage, etc.

Investors that haven’t yet gone “direct to seller” for their deals have a misconception that they’re looking for motivated or desperate sellers. 

Across the hundreds of deals I’ve personally done that simply hasn’t been my experience. My sellers end up being affluent individuals who don’t want the hassle of listing or they have multiple properties and need to free up cash. 

People aren’t going to call you offering to give you their houses. 99.9% of my deals are from folks that sound “un-motivated” or like “tire kickers” when they first call in. 

Resimpli allows you to get texts from your sellrs. This was a reply we got to one of our Ballpoint Marketing® postcards that resulted in a deal. It's a 190k house we're buying for 90k and putting 53k into.

Proper expectations for you: My average deal costs me roughly $3,000 to find. I absolutely have clients that have pulled 7 deals on 2k in marketing but our average is 3-5k. If you’re in a market like L.A. you might end up being closer to 7k+.

I don’t know about you… but the average wholesale fee I’m getting is $20,000+ and flips are over $35,000. I’d rather spend 5k on marketing and control my own deals (and get better deals) than spend 20k+ on an assignment fee for a wholesaler’s leftovers.

At this point in my career, I’m ONLY using List Source for seniors with equity mailing campaigns. Propstream has WAY more niche’ data AND they’re more affordable. CAN pull Listsource lists for you for $.10 a record. will let you get 10,000 records a month for just $99. If you want us to get credit for referring you to them you can tell them Ryan Dossey sent you or tap the button below!

Back in the day, you used to be able to get away with sending your sellers to a long voicemail. That’s simply not the case anymore. Seller’s get EXTREMELY frustrated if you send them a letter and then don’t answer when they call.

If you don’t answer your phone they’re simply going to call the next piece of mail they get. 

Call Porter® has been at this since 2017 and handles 10,000+ calls a month for folks just like you and I. Their average call is answered in under 7 seconds. 🤯

If you have a day job or you’re like me and just don’t want to take your calls you can book a free strategy session with Vinny at Call Porter® with the calendar below. 

We utilize to work all of our leads. We do have an affiliate link/discount code with them. When you’re signing up there’s a spot for a code and you want to enter “CCCF” this will save you 50% off your first month and 10% off for every month thereafter.

How to use Resimpli: Resimpli for Dummies

Common mistakes investors make with Resimpli: Don’t do this… Please. For the love of God.

If you’re heard of the Brrrr method you’re going to NEED to buy properties at the 75% rule. Even on the newer/nicer properties that we buy we’re paying 76-77% of ARV TOPS. We aren’t out here offer 85% of what something is worth.

Real Metrics: You’re only going to close 1-3 out of 10 appointments. That means you’re going to be hearing “no” (and often not that kindly) WAY more often than you’re going to get a “yes”… but trust me it’s worth it.

I’ve attached a quick/dirty sheet that you can use but you’ll want to chat with folks locally to get feedback on if it’s accurate to your metro or not.

Another quick/dirty way to estimate repairs:

$10/sqft if it just needs carpet/paint.
$20/sqft if it needs the above + a kitchen/bath.
$30/sqft if it needs most things done.
$40/sqft if it needs a LOT (gross house)

Protip: There are OFTEN properties that need more work than they’re worth.

You will ALWAYS want to get multiple bids (3-4) from general contractors DURING your inspection window to verify your estimates to make sure that you don’t get screwed.

I’m not a high-pressure salesman or “closer” this is our no/low-pressure process that has worked for us across hundreds of deals. ^

On my personal blog I dropped a training (similar to this one) that exclusively covers the reverse wholesaling process. 

If you’re new to real estate and looking to make money in the space I believe that this is the only ethical way to get started. Reverse wholesaling is how I personally made $371,000 in a year. 

You should NOT be trying to cut corners unless you have more deals than you know what to do with.

Build rapport… don’t make fun of how gross the house is. (Even if it’s horrid)

Running your first appointment

Meeting with sellers

If you APPLY what we went over in this course CONSISTENTLY you WILL get results. This method has been battle-tested and proven by hundreds of investors around the country. 

You know what to do. 

It’s on you to do it! 

Pull your lists, send them to Ballpoint, have Call Porter take your calls, work your leads in Resimpli, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

If you want or need extra support you can hop on the phone with us for free. 

We even have an option where we’ll pull your lists, answer your calls, set you up with a CRM, and guarantee you leads.

At the end of the day we want to see YOU win and we want to be a small part of your success story. I’ll personally answer any questions you have for FREE just flick me a DM on Instagram. 

If you’re ready to go book a call below with my dad! 

Legal Disclaimer: All investing carries risks. We are sharing our personal results and those of our clients. Real Estate Investing requires money, credit, time, and effort. By applying this content you agree to take personal responsibility for your own results and actions. Happy hunting!

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