Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing For Real Estate

If you’re looking to connect with sellers and buyers, email marketing for real estate can still be one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use.

Even though real estate email marketing is so effective, many agents either simply do not send emails in a way that generates results — or, worse, do not email outside of regular communications.

It’s typically because they aren’t sure what success actually looks like when it comes to marketing emails.

Which is what we hope to help you with in this guide.

Over the next few minutes, we’re going to break down some of the biggest myths about email marketing, what makes it so effective, how to start with the right goals, and some of the best types of emails you can send to generate real results.

We’ll also give you some email marketing ideas you can use to start building momentum right now.

Before we get into the rest of it, though, we need to address the elephant in the room:

Does Email Marketing Actually Work?

It’s a sad state but many agents and investors just don’t email because they don’t believe it works.

At least, they don’t believe marketing emails work.

Even though they’re using email to communicate with buyers, sellers, and their network every single day, when it comes to “marketing” emails, they tend to shut down.

But email is still one of the most common (and preferred) methods of B2C communication.

It’s extremely versatile in its ability to be both intimate and professional at the same time, helping you start conversations and build meaningful connections with people while taking less time than making a call.

So the question… does email marketing actually work?

The best way to answer that is to take a look at stats from the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).

They compiled research that indicates more than 95% of realtors and investors use email on a daily basis while 57% are active on social media apps. They also found that 93% of NAR members prefer sending text messages while 89% prefer using email when communicating with their clients.

But that’s standard, everyday communications — not marketing emails.

In their study, they found only 21% of agents and investors actually use email for pure marketing purposes, like drumming up new buyer and seller prospects.

Which presents a MAJOR opportunity for you if you’re willing to adopt email marketing as a strategy in your business.

And since you’re probably already using it to talk with your prospects and clients, why wouldn’t you use it to start the initial conversation with them, too?

When you understand how effective it can be — especially when you’re using the strategies we’ll give you in this guide — we’re hoping you’ll take advantage of the opportunity, especially when your competition doesn’t.

Getting results from your email marketing, though, requires you to lay the right foundations.

Start With The Right Goals

Developing the right strategy for your real estate email marketing will help you build up your list of contacts, stay top of mind with prospects, increase your brand’s awareness in your local market, and help you convert prospects into new deals.

The key, though, is making sure you have the right goals in place BEFORE you start.

Everything you do will revolve around those goals so as you’re building your campaigns you’ll want to keep these in mind.

Goal #1: Building Relationships

This is the first and probably most important goal for your email marketing campaigns.

Even though you’re sending “marketing” emails, it’s your opportunity to connect with a prospect in a 1-to-1 environment where you have their full attention.

That means if you aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to establish a relationship (or move a relationship forward), you’re missing the biggest factor that will make your campaigns effective.

When you’re planning your campaigns, consider what your prospects want from you.

If they’re interested in selling a property, take time to understand why. What’s motivating them? What are they afraid of happening? What do they need to have happen in order to trust you with this decision?

Or, if they’re buying a property, take time to understand what they’re looking for. What is it that is more important than anything else? What are their non-negotiables?

When you understand the emotional drivers (and you craft emails to extract those emotional drivers), you can fast-track building a deeper relationship with them — which makes you unforgettable.

Goal #2: Generate Responses

Your email marketing is an opportunity to give prospective clients and partners a chance to respond directly to you on a deeper level.

All they have to do is click “reply” and engage in the conversation.

The key, though, is structuring your emails in a way that will elicit responses from your prospects.

We’ll touch more on what that looks like in a bit but, for now, just remember that every email you send should have some type of message in it that works to elicit a response from the person you send it to.

Goal #3: Stay Relevant

Since most people check their email multiple times per day, running email marketing campaigns helps you stay top of mind and relevant.

Even if they may not be ready to buy or sell right now, there will come a time that they are.

If you’ve done a good job following up with them and staying top of mind, the chances of them remembering you when they’re ready to make a decision is dramatically increased.

Types Of Emails You Can Send

Once you understand what the foundation of each email marketing campaign should look like and cover, it’s time to start sending emails.

Below is a handful of templates you can adapt and start using right now.

The goal, though, should be to get comfortable enough sending emails that it becomes second nature to you and you get to the point you can create your own templates, as needed.

Introductory Email

Subject: It’s a pleasure to connect with you, <NAME>.

Hi <name>,

I wanted to take a second to thank you for connecting. I’ll be helping you with anything you need when it comes to buying, selling, or renting a property.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll send over new listings, home buying tips, and be here to assist you in finding your perfect home.

Best wishes,



Buyer Lead Email

Subject: New Listings In <AREA>

Hi <NAME>,

Recently, there’s been a lot of activity in <AREA> so I wanted to take a second to show you some of the newly listed properties we’ve seen come on the market.

I think these may be what you’re looking for and are worth taking a look at.

If any of them grabs your interest, let me know and I can send over more details and help you negotiate the best deal on the property.

I’m available for showings, too, if you want to see any of them in-person.

Just reply to this email to let me know and we’ll make some time to get together.

Looking forward to working with you,



Cold Contact For Sellers

Subject: We have buyers interested in your property.

Hey <NAME>,

I wanted to take a second to congratulate you on deciding to sell your property at <ADDRESS>.

This is a huge step forward!

I’m reaching out because we have some pre-approved buyers who are expressing interest in your property. Since homes like yours are in-demand right now, this is amazing news.

If you’re interested in exploring this opportunity, definitely let me know.

I’m more than happy to help connect you with the right buyer.



Meeting Followup

Subject: Hi <NAME>, following up on our recent meeting.

Hey <NAME>,

Thank you for meeting with me on <DATE>. It was great connecting with you!

If you’re interested in discussing further, I would be more than happy to reconnect.

If we missed out on anything you think I need to know, or you have other questions, please let me know.

Or, if you would like to schedule another time together, you can either reply to this email or book a slot directly on my calendar.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you again!



Client Testimonial

Subject: They loved working with us. You will, too!

Hi <NAME>,

I hope your search for your dream home is going well!

I wanted to take a second to share something with you that a recent client mentioned about their experience working with us…


Success stories like these are common when you have us on your team.

We’re here to help you on the journey to finding your dream home, all you have to do is let us know you want some help!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions,



Home Valuation

Subject: Know how much your home is worth right now?

Hi <NAME>,

Congratulations on deciding to sell your property.

We know it can be daunting to figure out how much it’s worth — and to find a buyer willing to pay what it’s worth.

Fortunately, we’ve been doing exactly that for the last <X> years.

To get started, we can put together a detailed home valuation, help you understand which areas will give you the highest return, and help connect you with buyers who love your property as much as you do.

If you’re interested, reply and let me know and I’ll start putting it together for you.

Looking forward to meeting with you soon!



Expired Listing

Subject: I think we can get your property sold in 30 days.

Hi <NAME>,

I noticed that the listing on your property recently expired.

We’re sorry to hear that!

I do want to reach out with some good news, though, because I think we can get your property sold in 30 days, or less.

We have a large network of buyers and investors ready to look at the property right now.

If you’re interested in possibly connecting with them, reply to this email and let me know.

Looking forward to serving you!



Non-Responsive Lead

Subject: .

Hi <NAME>,

You recently reached out about buying/selling a home in <AREA>.

Since then, I’ve attempted to reach you multiple times but have been unsuccessful.

Please let me know if you are no longer interested — or if something came up that has been delaying the process.

If you are still interested in buying/selling a property in <AREA>, we are more than happy to help you with your goals.

Just reply and let me know!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.



Email Marketing For Real Estate + Direct Mail = More Deals

Now that you’ve seen how to lay the right foundations and make your email marketing work for you, the next step is driving even more deals into your business.

The combination of direct mail marketing plus email marketing is incredibly potent, especially when you’re using the right lists and sending the right mailers.

If you haven’t experienced how effective it can be, check out this guide.

It will teach you how to automate your direct mail campaigns so you’re driving more seller leads — and unlocking the potential for even more deals.

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