5 Real Estate Direct Mail Campaign Ideas To Try in 2024

If you’re looking for more consistent lead and deal flow in your real estate business, direct mail is one of THE most effective strategies you can use.

It’s easy to deploy, easy to scale, and the results are easy to track.

Making it work, though, requires a combination of data, timing, and strategy.

In this guide, we’re going to help you with all 3.

We’ll break down 7 of the best real estate direct mail campaign ideas you can try right now, how to start with the right data so you know your campaigns are highly-targeted, and how to get your timing right so you aren’t wasting money.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be able to start running profitable direct mail campaigns.

To kick things off, let’s look at one of THE most effective strategies agents and investors can use today.

#1 – Real Estate Farming

If you’re an agent or broker, you have a MASSIVE advantage.

Using a strategy called real estate farming, you can work a specific area over and over to consistently generate new leads and commissions.

To make the strategy work, you’ll need 2 things…

A solid offer.

And a solid area.

One of THE most solid offers we’ve ever seen was a direct response offer from Craig Proctor. It was short, simple, to the point, and generated a massive amount of leads for his business.

It was: “We guarantee we’ll sell your house in 60 days, or we’ll buy it ourselves.”

Pretty attractive, right?

Now, while you may not necessarily be able to make that guarantee, you can’t deny that it’s incredibly strong and will get people raising their hands.

Especially when you’re sending it out to the right areas.

Rather than dive too deep into the strategy here, check out our guide on real estate farming.

It breaks down everything you need to understand if you want to start using the strategy, from how to choose the right area to “farm” in to getting your offer dialed in so people line up with their hands raised.

Then, get your offer in front of the right prospects using our Golden Letters.

These letters have been proven over and over again to generate a higher-than-normal response rate, especially when you use what you learn in our farming guide.

#2 – AI Postcards

For investors, if you want direct mail to work and generate increased deal flow, you need a way to stand out.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your direct mail campaigns is sending the same old, tired, boring, and outdated mailers that other investors are sending.

At Ballpoint Marketing, we’re constantly testing and tweaking ideas in our own businesses to figure out what’s working, what isn’t working, and what we can do to drive even more calls, leads, and deals.

Which is where the idea for the AI Postcards came from.

As investors and owners of a direct mail house, we’ve sent and tracked millions of mailers.

So when we saw the results from the AI Postcards, we knew we were onto something.

Using a combination of AI and our proven handwriting system, these mailers instantly grab attention and keep it with highly-targeted objection-handling headlines.

When you reach out to the right person at the right time (we’ll touch on how to do that in a bit), these are impossible to ignore.

Then, the backside of the postcard is handwritten with your own personalized message, helping drive home how you can help your prospects with the goals they have right now.

#3 – Americana

Another tried-and-true proven-to-stand-out campaign idea is our Americana cards.

The goal for any direct mail campaign is simple: get people to hang onto your mailer instead of throwing it into the trash as soon as they see it.

And when you’re working with an aging demographic, using nostalgia to tap into fond memories of their past is one of the easiest ways to get them to hang onto your direct mail.

But not just hang onto it — actually hang it on their fridge and want to collect every piece in the collection you send them.

When we started designing the Americana series, that was our goal.

We wanted to take something that people typically get frustrated with — direct mail — and turn it into a positive experience.

One that they actually look forward to.

If you’ve never had a prospect tell you they collected every one of your mailers when they call you, you need to try the Americana series.

#4 – Comic Cards

Another direct mail campaign idea that’s been proven to generate a higher-than-average return is the Comic Card series of mailers.

Similar to the Americana series, the Comic Card series of mailers is designed to instantly grab attention, let people know why you’re mailing them, and what’s in it for them if they respond.

This series of cards is one that you’ll see stuck to the fridge when you get to the kitchen table, too.

When you start digging into the cards, you’ll realize why they’re so effective.

Each prospect you interact with is going to have a different goal.

That means one specific card may not touch the right goal but, because they’re a series of 7 auto-drip postcards, one of the cards will eventually touch on the right pain point.

For instance, some people may just be looking to get out of their house as quickly as possible. That’s where the “Get Your Cash Offer In 24 Hours” plays the right tune.

Other people may be worried about not being able to get a great price on their home because it’s filled with junk or because they want to move without taking everything with them.

The card with the message “Sell Your House Without Cleaning It Out!” will strongly resonate with them.

Or, they may be worried about wanting to close on a specific date so they can line up moving out of their existing home and into their new home without any downtime.

The message around “Pick Your Closing Date” will matter more to them.

But since each of these cards are auto-dripped, you don’t have to worry about consistently following up with them in an effort to get the right message in front of them at the right time.

We’ll touch more on how to do that in a bit but, for now, there’s even more direct mail campaign ideas you can use to start ramping up your monthly deal flow.

#5 – Greeting Letters

One of the original direct mail campaigns we ran for our business were the Greeting Letters.

They’re some of the most unique, attention-grabbing mailers you can send.

Between the bright, colorful envelopes, to the handwritten, personalized inserts, these mailers have been proven to get you deals 2.3X cheaper than most other mailers.

We’ve run these extremely successfully with absentee owner lists. Something we’ll touch on more as we dive deeper into how to make direct mail work for your business.

In fact, these greeting letters were the key to us securing the 4-plex you see below.

We paid $400k for the property and put $100k into repairs for a 151% ROI.

All it took was sending out 3,500 mailers to absentee owners of SFRs and 2-4 unit properties w/ equity.

In total, the mailers cost around $4,200 to send — not a bad return for the time or energy invested!

It all comes down to standing out. With a personalized message, premium paper, and an envelope design guaranteed to grab attention, coupled with the unique labeling, these greeting letters look like they were put together by hand.

#6 – Deep Prospecting

When you know the exact property you want to buy and are taking a laser-targeted approach, you can use deep prospecting and single postcards to get the owner’s attention.

Where the campaign ideas we mentioned above are full campaigns — IE: you can set them to auto-drip over the course of 7 months — deep prospecting with “We Want To Buy Your House” postcards can be done piece-by-piece.

If you have a small, tightly-targeted niche list, these postcards are perfect.

For instance, if you’re running a small pre-probate list of 20 properties, you can purchase 20 single postcards, upload your contact information, and get them sent.

Compare this to other campaign types, where the minimum order is 500 or 1,000 pieces.

4 Tips For Making Direct Mail Work In Your Business

Now, while the campaigns above have been time-tested and proven to convert at a higher-than-average rate, there’s still some foundational work that goes into making these campaigns as effective as they are.

The work you do to get prepared to send your mailers is just as (if not more) important as the mailers you’re actually sending to prospects.

To help get more traction with each of your direct mail campaigns, there’s a few tips and best practices you can implement before you start mailing.

#1 – Be Consistent & Follow Up

Your follow up is critical to the success of a campaign.

While we do have single-mailer campaigns that work great when you’re taking a highly-targeted approach (like our “We Want To Buy Your House” postcards), most campaigns are set to run over the period of 6 to 7 months.

Since it’s pretty rare that a prospect will decide to sell you their house or list their house with you the first time you mail them, you want to make sure you’re following up on a consistent basis.

In the past, that required you to be incredibly organized and efficient as you were sending out new mailers and followup mailers each month.

These days, though, you can use a service like Ballpoint Marketing to create set-and-forget campaigns so you can focus on other parts of your business.

If you’re interested, you can check these auto-drip campaigns out by clicking here.

#2 – Start With The Right Lists

You also want to make sure you’re starting out with the right data.

The biggest mistake most new investors make is blanketing an area with their direct mail and then wondering how other investors get such a high return when they typically get absolutely nothing back.

The difference is in the data those investors start with.

There’s certain times and moments in life that could trigger someone to want to sell their home.

Understanding those times and moments can make a MASSIVE difference in how effective your campaigns are, especially when you’re mailing out around those key milestones.

For instance, if a property is going into pre-foreclosure, the homeowner is extremely motivated to sell and get out from under their financial stress.

By targeting them with the right message, at the right time, you can increase the chances they decide to reach out to you asking for help.

To start with the right lists, you can use a tool like Propstream.

Then, check out the tutorial below that shows you how to use Propstream to generate a list of absentee owners who may be interested in selling you their property.

#3 – Answer Your Phone

As surprising as it may seem, another great tip for making your direct mail campaigns work is actually answering your phone when it rings.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve talked to investors who need to get more deals but send their phone to voicemail because they’re busy doing something else when it rings.

If you’re looking to grow your investing business and use direct mail to do it, you absolutely need to be available to answer your phone.

And if you can’t answer your phone, use a call answering service like Call Porter.

They can take the calls for you, vet the prospects who call in, and put pre-qualified appointments directly to your calendar.

Then you aren’t letting hot prospects fall by the wayside because you were sitting down eating dinner when they decided it was time to give you a call.

#4 – Organize Your Campaigns

Finally, sending out direct mail on a regular basis requires you to be incredibly organized.

This is especially true as you start getting responses to your mailers.

In our business, we use and recommend the REsimpli CRM.

It’s how we ensure that leads are being serviced as they come in, that we’re staying on top of where deals are in the pipeline, and that we’re making more money each year.

If you’re serious about growing your business and making your campaigns as effective as they can be, using the real estate direct mail campaign ideas from this guide is a great start.

Then, make your CRM an active part of your daily routine and you’ll start seeing higher returns each year.

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