50 Advertising Ideas for Real Estate Agents and Wholesalers

Leads are the fuel for real estate agents and wholesalers.

You can’t have a business without enough leads (or advertising) in your pipeline.

And you definitely should not stop your lead generation just because you have “enough” leads to work.

This article is all about advertising.

Cause that’s what fuels your business. We’re going to dive right into a comprehensive list of advertising (marketing or lead generation) ideas for the real estate investor, the agent or relator, the real estate wholesaler, and the real estate flipper.

Before we dive into that list…

What is advertising for real estate?

Real estate advertising, a crucial tool in the property market, is the strategic promotion of real estate listings and services to generate leads, attract buyers, and facilitate property sales. This type of advertising is not just about selling houses; it’s also about building brand visibility and establishing trust within the real estate community, including wholesalers, agents, realtors, investors, and flippers.

For Wholesalers and Agents/Realtors
For wholesalers and agents, real estate advertising is about reaching potential sellers and buyers. It involves showcasing properties in their best light, highlighting unique selling points, and tapping into the emotions of potential buyers. Effective advertising strategies for these professionals include leveraging social media platforms, creating engaging property videos, and utilizing targeted online ads to reach a specific audience. Networking events and open houses also serve as dynamic platforms for in-person advertising, fostering direct relationships with clients.

For Investors and Flippers
Real estate investors and flippers have a slightly different focus. Their advertising efforts are often geared towards finding undervalued properties to invest in or to renovate and sell for a profit. For them, advertising might mean creating content that showcases their expertise in identifying potential investment opportunities or the transformation of properties. This can be done through before-and-after property showcases, investment seminars, and targeted digital campaigns that speak to fellow investors or potential funding partners.

The Dual Role: Lead Generation and Sales
In both cases, whether it’s for generating leads or selling houses, real estate advertising plays a dual role. Firstly, it’s about lead generation – attracting prospects through various channels such as SEO-optimized websites, blog posts, and online listings. Secondly, it’s about converting these leads into sales, which requires a deep understanding of the market, effective communication of property values, and the ability to negotiate and close deals.

Effective real estate advertising blends creativity with market knowledge. It requires an understanding of the target audience, be it families looking for their dream home or investors searching for their next big project. The use of compelling visuals, engaging narratives, and strategic placement of ads ensures that your message resonates with the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

50 advertising ideas for real estate

Certainly! Here’s a list of 50 advertising and marketing ideas for real estate agents, wholesalers, and investors:

Sure, here’s the list of 50 advertising and marketing ideas for real estate agents, wholesalers, and investors without the bold formatting:

1. Banner – Flippers: Place banners on houses with a message about buying houses for cash.

2. Leverage REIA Creatively: Attend local Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) meetings to network and learn about creative financing.

3. Agent Farming: Send bi-quarterly letters and postcards to target neighborhoods to build recognition.

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Golden letter advertising for real estate agents

4. Networking with Other Agents: Build relationships with agents in other areas and exchange referrals.

5. List of Cash Buyers for Wholesalers: Use tools like PropStream to identify cash buyers and reach out to them.

6. List of Cash Buyers for Agents: Develop relationships with multiple investors for a steady flow of buyers.

7. List of Cash Buyers for Flippers: Find funding partners for flipping projects by contacting local cash buyers.

Check out “Professional Letter” for this case

8. Collaborate with Local Locksmiths: Develop connections to learn about vacant properties they encounter.

9. Network with Property Managers: They have insights into landlords who might be looking to sell.

10. SEO for Local Reach: Create a website optimized for local searches like “sell my house fast.”

11. Pay Per Lead (PPL): Work with local vendors who can provide leads for a fee.

12. Pay Per Click (PPC): Run Google Ads campaigns to attract online leads.

13. Social Media Marketing: Regularly post on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage with potential clients.

14. Virtual Home Tours: Offer immersive virtual tours of properties for sale.

15. Bird dogs: “enlist” people, postmen, and utility workers to spot and send you any distressed properties for a fee or commission.

16. Driving for dollars: drive around town looking for distressed properties. Then contact those owners.

17. Community Sponsorship: Sponsor local events or sports teams to increase brand visibility.

18. Email Marketing – Agents: Send out regular newsletters with market updates, tips, and listings.

19. Branded Merchandise: Distribute branded items like calendars, pens, or magnets.

20. Direct Mail Campaigns: Send out targeted direct mail to potential leads.

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Greeting letter


21. YouTube Channel: Create a channel for property walkthroughs, market analysis, and tips.

22. Real Estate Podcast: Start a podcast discussing real estate trends and tips.

23. Partner with Local Businesses: Cross-promote with businesses like furniture stores or moving companies.

24. Customer Testimonials: Share testimonials and stories from happy clients.

25. Billboard Advertising: Invest in billboards in high-traffic areas.

26. Open House Events: Host unique open house events to attract potential buyers.

27. Collaboration with Local Artists: Display local art in your listings for unique open houses.

28. Press Releases: Send out press releases for significant sales or events.

29. Facebook Ads: Target specific demographics and locations with Facebook advertising.

30. Instagram Stories: Use Instagram Stories for quick property showcases or market updates.

31. LinkedIn Networking: Connect with professionals who might be looking for real estate investments.

32. Local TV or Radio Ads: Invest in local TV or radio spots.

33. Online Webinars: Host webinars on real estate topics.

34. Google My Business: Optimize your Google My Business listing for local SEO.

35. Content Marketing: Write blog posts or articles related to real estate.

36. Influencer Partnerships: Partner with local influencers to showcase properties or services.

37. Customized Landing Pages: Create landing pages for specific campaigns or properties.

38. SMS Marketing: Send out text message alerts for new listings or updates.

39. Online Reviews: Encourage satisfied clients to leave online reviews.

40. Networking Events: Attend or host networking events for real estate professionals.

41. Flyer Distribution: Distribute flyers in targeted neighborhoods or public places.

42. Vehicle Branding: Brand your vehicle with your business logo and contact information.

43. Interactive Online Tools: Offer tools like mortgage calculators or home valuation on your website.

44. Local SEO: Optimize your online content for local search terms.

45. Participate in Local Fairs: Set up a booth at local fairs or markets.

46. Collaborate with Financial Advisors: Partner with financial advisors who can refer clients.

47. Targeted LinkedIn Ads: Use LinkedIn’s targeting features for specific professional demographics.

48. Real Estate Forums and Groups: Participate in online real estate forums and groups.

49. Offer Home Staging Tips: Share home staging tips and services to attract sellers.

50. Utilize Data Analytics: Use data analytics to understand your audience and refine your strategies.

These ideas cover a wide range of strategies, from traditional methods to digital marketing, each designed to enhance visibility, build relationships, and generate leads in the real estate market.

Tracking success

You can control closing a deal or a listing.

You can only control your activity.

So every week, jot down what you did in terms of which marketing/advertising method you choose.

For example, if you choose cold calling, how many dials did you make that week, how many of them responded, how many turned into a lead.


Traffic, adverting, marketing… LEADS… are the lifeblood of a business.

We gave you a very long and comprehensive list. However, it doesn’t mean you need to do all of them. Choose a handful and go into with force.

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