10 Direct Mail Tips For Real Estate Wholesalers in 2024

When it comes to direct mail for wholesale real estate, there’s two camps.

The first camp knows exactly how powerful it can be for generating leads and consistently growing their business month-over-month.

The second camp thinks it’s a waste of time and money.

The key differences between those two groups is pretty simple… one knows how to effectively run direct mail campaigns and understands each different element that makes them successful.

The other doesn’t.

If you’re a part of the second camp, this guide is going to show you exactly what you’ve been doing wrong, the specific steps you can take to get it right, and how to use direct mail to grow your wholesale business.

And if you’re a part of the first camp, this guide is going to be a great refresher to help you optimize your approach and get even better results from your wholesale direct mail marketing campaigns.

Step #1 – Target The Right People

To make your direct mail campaigns work, the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re targeting the right people before you start mailing.

This is a common mistake many people make.

Instead of targeting their lists and mailing people they know might be motivated to sell, they take a spray and pray approach and wonder why they get bad results.

To keep from making that same mistake yourself, start building your own lists. Don’t buy lists from brokers that have been hammered by dozens of other investors.

You can use a tool like Propstream to generate your own lists and make sure they’re highly targeted.

To see what that looks like in practice, check out our guide on the 10 best mailing lists for wholesalers.

That guide will show you exactly who to target, what makes them motivated to sell, and how to build your own lists so you aren’t fighting with other investors and wholesalers for the contract.

Step #2 – Get The Timing Right

The next step is making sure you get your timing right.

Because, while it’s possible, it’s rare that the leads you’re mailing are going to immediately raise their hand and say they want to sell their home with your help.

For instance, if someone is having a tough time financially but they haven’t gone into pre-foreclosure yet, you have a chance to get a contract from them.

But if they’re already in the pre-foreclosure process and you contact them, the pressure is significantly higher and they’re a lot more likely to want to sell.

Getting this timing right can be solved with the lists you build but also by consistently following up with them — which is a step we’ll get to in just a minute.

Step #3 – Get Their Attention

Now, once you know who you’re targeting, and you know that they’re more than likely motivated to sell, the next step is standing out in a crowded mailbox.

The last thing you want to do is send a boring mailer that gets tossed in the trash on their way in the house.

While most investors are sending blank white postcards with typewriter print, savvy investors know the value of getting their message across as soon as possible — while making each mailer personalized.

To see what we mean, take a look at these examples:

AI Sequence

Americana Cards

Comic Cards

The difference here is wild.

While boring, plain, white, and typed mailers get tossed in the trash, these mailers get collected.

And if you’ve never experienced sitting down to close a contract while your mailer or postcard is hanging on your prospect’s refrigerator, you’re probably using the wrong cards.

It’s an easy problem to fix, too.

Take a look at the Ballpoint Marketing catalog to see what great mailers actually look like and why these mailers generate a higher-than-average return on investment.

When you’re sending this type of mailer, your message is front and center so your prospect knows exactly how you can help them.

The back of the mailer is handwritten in ink and personalized to your campaign so you aren’t sending out the same generic message to prospect after prospect.

When you use this combination, your prospects feel like it was meant just for them and that massively increases your conversion rates — generating leads as low as $50 a piece.

Step #4 – Get Your Message Right

After you know your card or mailer is going to stand out in a crowded mailbox, the next step is making sure you’re getting your message right.

When you’re using postcards like the ones above, you’ve already won half the battle.

Each of those cards has a compelling message on the front of the card, letting people know exactly how you can help them.

Then, on the back of the card, the handwritten message is personalized, includes benefits of working with you, shows empathy for your prospect’s situation, and then includes a call to action.

If you’re not using those cards, you want to make sure your own mailers have very specific elements that prospects will need to see before they raise their hand:

  • A compelling headline.
  • An empathy statement.
  • An offer with its benefits.
  • A clear call to action.
  • Your contact information.
  • Your bold promise.

This format has been proven over and over again to generate more leads and if one of those elements are missing from your message, chances are you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

You can check out some of these mailers to see how each of these elements appear on the cards.

They’ve been tested and proven by thousands of investors and wholesalers.

Step #5 – Follow Up With Them

The next step you need to take to make direct mail for wholesale real estate work is following up.

This is a mistake many wholesalers make, mainly because they’re tight on budget and don’t have a ton of money to devote to testing and tweaking.

They’ll send out a single mailer then hope and pray the phone rings.

But like we mentioned above, it’s pretty rare for someone to raise their hand the first time you mail them.

That means you need to consistently follow up with them — anywhere from 7 to 12 times.

With that, though, comes another problem: staying organized with who you’re mailing and when you’re mailing them.

To solve this problem, we’ve created 7-month and 8-month drip campaigns to ensure that, each month, your prospects are seeing a new message on autopilot.

Instead of you having to maintain databases of who has been mailed already, which message they received, and whether or not they responded, you can leave that heavy lifting up to us.

This saves you a ton of time and money and ensures you’re not just sending one mailer and then praying for the best.

Step #6 – Organize Your Activity

Just like tracking who you’re mailing and how often you’re mailing them, you also need to keep track of who is raising their hand and where they’re at in your pipeline.

Letting potential deals fall through the cracks is a MASSIVE mistake.

And one that happens way too often.

Instead of trying to remember who all your leads are, who you need to contact again, who is ready to sign a contract, and who may need warming back up, use a CRM like REsimpli.

If you’ve never used it before, it’s a full-featured CRM with a built-in dialer that lets you track everything you’re doing in your business.

You can stack lists, skip trace leads, run drip campaigns, track your driving for dollars activity, and oversee your finances and operations.

If you’ve ever had a deal fall through the cracks before or had a prospect reach out to you down the road wanting to know what happened — I can guarantee you weren’t using a CRM.

Or you weren’t using it properly.

With how easy it is to get up and running on REsimpli, there’s no excuses for letting good deals slip through your fingers anymore.

Step #7 – Use Every Avenue Possible

One great hack that many investors aren’t using (or aren’t using effectively) is text messaging.

After someone has raised their hand and said they want to speak with you about potentially selling their property, you want to get them on the phone.

To make your direct mail campaigns even more effective, though, you’ll want to start texting with them.

It’s significantly faster than getting on call after call and, since everyone has a phone in their pocket, ensures that your messages are being seen.

This is especially true for leads that may have gone lukewarm or even cold.

By following back up with them (and automating it) you have another opportunity to re-engage them by reminding them exactly how you can help.

For warm and hot leads, you can manually send these messages from your CRM or directly from your phone.

For lukewarm and cold leads, though, you’ll want to automate the process using a service like OmniDrip.

Step #8 – Build Your Brand

Now, while ALL of these steps have revolved around making direct mail as efficient as possible, building your brand takes what you’re doing to the next level.

When a prospect receives one of your mailers, there’s a high probability they’re going to start looking online to make sure you’re legitimate.

That means you’ll want to have a strong brand — and that starts with your website.

Right now, too many wholesalers look like fly-by-night operations with cheap (or non-existent) websites.

When a prospect lands on that page or, worse, doesn’t find that page at all, they’re more than likely not going to pick up the phone and respond to your mailer.

And we’re not saying you need a website that costs you $20,000 in developing and design, either.

What you do need, though, is something that looks professional and matches the brand image that you want to be known for with your prospects.

You can use a tool like Carrot to have your website up-and-running in as little as 2 hours and have it fully optimized to rank in the search engines.

Then, when prospects start looking for you, they’ll see what you want them to see and you’ll instantly build trust and credibility, dramatically increasing the number of responses you get from your mailers.

Step #9 – Collect Testimonials

And when it comes to building trust and credibility, nothing works quite as well as a good testimonial.

If you aren’t already collecting them from prospects you’ve worked with, it’s time to start.

You want new prospects seeing those testimonials everywhere they go.

As you start collecting them, you want to display them on your website, social media profiles, your emails, you name it.

Having them available helps increase the chances that people reaching out to you wanting to know more actually trust you enough to work with you to sell their property.

Step #10 – Stay Consistent

Now, if you’ve noticed a theme in each of these steps, it’s being consistent in your approach.

There’s no such thing as overnight success, especially in real estate.

To get the most traction from your direct mail campaigns, you want to stay consistent.

From your approach, to your timing, to the number of mailers you send, and how you’re actively organizing leads as they come in, consistency is critical for long-term success.

Don’t send 1,000 mailers this month then take a break for 2 months and expect success.

Keep a steady pace with your approach and realize that investing is a long game and the more consistent you can be in the short-term will make your long-term goals happen more consistently, too.

How To Use Real Estate Direct Mail For Wholesalers To Win More Deals

If you’re looking to make direct mail for real estate wholesaling work, follow these steps.

If you miss one of the steps your results are going to take a hit.

And if you want to make sure you’re doing it right out of the gate, don’t waste time guessing what to do.

Take a look at the campaigns we’ve seen generate $50 leads and response rates that make most investors wonder what they’re doing wrong.

You can look at some of the campaigns by clicking here now.

Then, when you automate the process, you can focus on the other steps like building the right lists, building your brand, and staying consistent in your approach — because that’s what makes direct mail really work as a wholesaler.

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